Best Smartwatch For Hiking

Best Smartwatch For Hiking – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Smartwatch For Hiking
Best Smartwatch For Hiking

The outdoors and gadgets do not actually go well together. Mud, dust, heat, and water can all cause havoc on electronic gadgets. But the best smartwatch for hiking is a unique breed altogether.

However, they are designed particularly to stand up to the challenges of nature. Additionally, they are capable of dealing with a number of tasks.

The top hiking smartwatch is one that combines the task of timekeeper with an altimeter, a compass, and a number of other things.



5 Best Smartwatch For Hiking Reviews!

1. Vívoactive 3 Garmin Smartwatch

On the surface, Vívoactive 3 Garmin Smartwatch has a vintage wristwatch format. Ideal for any type of outfits, it differentiates itself from a number of other sports options with the bright colors.

At the same time, this water-resistant smartwatch is suited for wrists of women.

Vívoactive 3 Garmin Smartwatch is a water-resistant android watch that offers data recording functions for hiking, swimming in the pool yet does not help swimming in the open water thus this can be an issue if you need to use this for sailing.

It is suitable primarily for athletes as the main features here are associated with sports: a large number of packed disciplines, such as hiking, snowboarding, biking, golf and swimming, plenty of sensors, integrated GPS and the ability to use tracks on map from mobile application.

Furthermore, it even has a good battery life: around 12 hrs with GPS monitoring on and as much as 7 days of continuous use being a water-resistant smartwatch. This is the best smartwatch for hiking you can discover in the marketplace.

  • Decent battery life
  • Precise location determination
  • It records and offers the most vital sports metrics
  • Has no particular feature for the open water
  • While in swimming, measurement function for pulse rate is unavailable


2. Suunto Traverse Smartwatch For Hiking

This Suunto Traverse Smartwatch picks up the best smartwatch for hiking honor because of its smooth design, superior yet simple to navigate array of features, and even all arriving at an affordable price.

However, any hiking smartwatch must get the ABCs, and this Suunto Traverse includes this. I found the barometer/FusedAlti and compass features to be consistently quite accurate, and for me, it has surpassed other smartwatches out there.

The GPS blended with Movescount phone application, offers smooth performance, letting you plan as well as create routes, effortlessly find your position, monitor your path and sync this via Bluetooth all wirelessly.

Constructed with the scratch-proof steel bezel, crystal sapphire glass, and a textile nylon strap, this Traverse is sturdy as it’s stylish and sleek.

Having approved by at least 20 tests, and even meeting the military standards during the process, it will not let down you in wilderness. If you’re trying to find the top watch for hiking, this Suunto Traverse should get your attention.

  • Very uncomplicated to use and configure
  • Navigation is easy with Movescount App
  • You can stay well informed about storm with the weather warnings
  • The battery life is not that satisfactory


3. SUUNTO Core Military Men’s SS014279010O Smartwatch

Our overall best award for the top altimeter smartwatch must go to this SUUNTO Core Military Men’s SS014279010O Smartwatch.

The altimeter of the core is accurate around 29,500 feet and also measures in around 3 feet increments (in comparison to 10-20 feet for other smartwatches I have analyzed).

As you would expect, this core logs the altitude for around 7 days which means you can easily download and also see all the stats once you are off the trek (or even ski slope).

An extremely awesome feature is the ability to switch automatically between barometer and altimeter based on the movement – if you’re descending/ascending it attributes the changes of barometric pressure to this.

While, if you’re stationary, it will certainly associate the changes of barometric to the weather fluctuations.

This is one of my favorite smartwatches when it comes to its design and style, and will be delighted to wear this out on hiking.

It has let down somewhat, however, in terms of viewing the screen in either extremely bright or low light conditions. If you are mainly after the top hiking smartwatch, then go for this SUUNTO Core Military Men’s SS014279010O Smartwatch.

  • Superb altimeter accuracy
  • Basic but effortless to read the graphs
  • Extremely fashionable looking, even while you’re on hiking
  • The display is slightly dark, notably in the poor light


4. Casio Pathfinder Men’s Triple Sensor Smartwatch

Being on the marketplace for the top part of 10 years, this Casio Pathfinder Men’s Triple Sensor Smartwatch shows no indication of going old-fashioned.

Some may discover the style somewhat clunky, but it has big buttons as well as an uncomplicated menu structure which makes this a piece of cake to use.

However, this smartwatch is most likely the best one for a person ready to be well informed on environment stats because of fitting of different weather instruments varying from the altimeter, the barometer, and the thermometer among others.

Similar to the Suunto Traverse, the Pathfinder too gives information regarding the sunset the sunrise. Furthermore, it includes countdown timers, power-saving mode, and time zones.

At the same time, it is waterproof up to 100m. More to this, it’s also temperature proof, working in various temperatures including under 10-degree Celsius.

This smartwatch is noticeable in the most lighting circumstances because of triple sensor which enables this to adapt to the different terrains with the different lightings.

  • Solar-run
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Larger dial with very clear time figure
  • Sophisticated Altimeter and Compass functioning
  • The alarm isn’t audible


5. Casio Trek Pro PRW2500T Men’s Smartwatch

The smartwatch which I’m discussing now features an LCD. This is not just water-proof but also includes atomic timekeeping. Casio Trek Pro PRW2500T Men’s Smartwatch is solar-run.

It provides plenty of information such as a thermometer, barometer, altimeter, digital compass, Moon data, and Tide graph.

With a wide variety of sensors, data which this offers is incredible. It is additionally water-proof as much as 200 meters.

It is easy to set 5 daily alarms. At the same time, it has backlit, which enables you to look over the dial effortlessly.

Apart from that, it provides world time and stopwatch as well as an hourly time sign. The indicator for battery level enables you to know how much power is left right away.

It offers a calendar too, which makes sure that it is easy to store reminders effortlessly. On just one charge, it will last for around 5 months.

Therefore, if you are trying to find an extremely versatile smartwatch which consists of several sensors, you must not neglect this option. This is better than a number of other hiking watches out there.

  • Waterproof
  • Extremely versatile
  • Includes various sensors
  • It runs on solar power
  • The font size of time is somewhat small


Buying Guide On The Best Smartwatch For Hiking!

To be eligible for outdoor tasks, a smartwatch must have a number of key features. Nowadays, smartwatches come included with a great number of different features; it’s very simple to get confused!

But the fundamentals are what makes a difference most, these include an optimal combination of helpful sensors, superior battery life, durability, and we should not forget, exact timekeeping too!

Here’s a brief overview of a few of the top features (major and optional) as well to find in a smartwatch for hiking.

  • Apps, Advanced Connectivity, Software:

These are a few of the top features which you can anticipate from the best smartwatch.

The capability to connect with your PC or Smartphone can be useful, during the prep stage of the trip/hike. You can share/upload route maps as well as other vital data between the devices.

  • Thermometer:

Although not absolutely essential, therefore, having a precise grip on temperature conditions does not hurt, particularly when you’re doing intense activity.

Whenever you’re camping out in the places with intense variations in the temperature, it is easy to use thermometer to determine the protection level you need whenever inside a camping tent.

  • GPS:

Nowadays, a GLONASS/GPS centered systems are desired as they’re very simple to use as well as provide exact real-time information. But in terms of smartwatches, the GPS includes its exclusive challenges and inevitable trade-offs.

  • Compass:

Not to mention, this probably doesn’t need any explanation. However, a compass will assist you to get the bearings out when in the outdoors.

If everything else fails, always you can depend on the compass and map to assist triangulate your present location.

  • Altimeter:

Whenever you’re out in hills, needless to say, this sensor is going to assist you to know the precise altitude or the height above level of sea. An altimeter, on the other hand, is a useful device which can assist you to determine your location on the map.

The smartwatches make use of two different strategies to determine this, based on the absence or presence of GPS function.

However, in the smartwatches without GPS, traditional strategy uses readings of atmospheric pressure from barometer to determine the altitude. Still, modern GPS-centered altimeters are considerably more reliable and accurate than traditional ones.

  • Barometer:

Getting this particular sensor on the watch assists you keep close track of atmospheric pressure. It will assist you always watch out for nearby weather conditions as well as provide you an earlier sign of any sudden change in the weather.

Higher atmospheric pressure usually is related to sunny weather and clear skies. Low atmospheric pressure, in contrast, is more typical during rainy and overcast situations.

  • Core Sensors:

Needless to say, the core tasks of an excellent hiking smartwatch can be explained by the basic acronym ABC. It means Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass.

This unique trio of the gadgets can easily be regarded as the trinity of outdoor exploration and survival. Any modern smartwatch for hiking will carry these all these features without any fail.

  • Sturdiness:

An outdoor watch is not worth purchasing unless it’s made to survive even in tough conditions.

Durable watches will certainly have an extremely durable and tough strap as well as a shatter/scratch-resistant lens on the face.

However, the more costly premium models nowadays come with unique Sapphire glass, such as the newest iPhones. Water-resistant or some standard of water-proof build is necessary for outdoor or hiking watches.

FAQs About The Best Smartwatch For Hiking!

Q: Can You Go Swimming With Ip68 Smartwatch?
A: Theoretically, gadget with the ip68 can withstand constant immersion in the water to depth described by manufacturer.

But, in practice, issues often arise, thus we don’t recommend making use of such devices for swimming.

Q: I Need Waterproof Smartwatch For Outdoors, So Which One Is The Top One?
A: For the purpose of hiking in mountains or even other similar pursuits, I recommend you to pick either the Vívoactive 3 Garmin Smartwatch or Casio Trek Pro PRW2500T Men’s Smartwatch.

Q: What’s The Top Water-Resistant Smartwatch For The Hiking?
A: Right now, I will say the top hiking smartwatches are Suunto Traverse Smartwatch For Hiking and SUUNTO Core Military Men’s SS014279010O Smartwatch.

Q: What’s The Key Difference Between Water-Resistant And Waterproof?
A: The key difference smartwatches which are waterproof will endure a prolonged stay in the water and also can be engrossed to good depths, based on their ratings.

On the other hand, water-resistant devices can be subjected to temporary exposure to the water such as if it’s raining or even you take this in shower. They’re not prone to withstand quite a while in the water.


Last but not least, I hope I’ve covered the appropriate questions about this topic.
At this point, I want to know: what’s the best smartwatch for hiking have you picked and why?

Are you going to use the watch whilst hiking?

Or possibly you just need a water-proof watch ideal to keep whilst you are swimming?

If you ask me for the best smartwatch for hiking, then I will recommend you to get the Vívoactive 3 Garmin Smartwatch. It has all the best features that will make your hiking very smooth.

Anyway, I’ll be thankful if you put a comment down the page. Also, if possible, then share this post on social media with your friends.




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