E2 Armory Lower Receiver Review

E2 Armory Lower Receiver Review: Raw, Stripped, No Coat

E2 Armory Lower Receiver Review

When it comes to rifle parts, there’s a tendency among gun enthusiasts to think that “more expensive” always means “better”. It’s the same with any hobby. Gear heads will recommend the best car parts on the market. Video gamers fall in love with high-end computers and tactical controllers. So it only makes sense that gun builders would prefer expensive AR-15 build kits.

Even so, it turns out bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes the lowest rung on the ladder is the best built. In today’s article, we’ve chosen to look at E2 Armory’s most inexpensive lower receiver. And, spoiler alert: it’s actually got a lot to offer your next rifle build.

E2’s Raw Stripped Lower Receiver – No Coat

To kick things off, the Raw Stripped Lower is expertly machined from a high-quality Aerospace 7075 Aluminum alloy forging. This is high-quality workmanship for a component with a long lifespan. Add T6 tempering, and you can actually feel the quality of this component while handling it.

Moving on to functionality, the mag well on this thing has been precision broached for a seamless loading experience. Whether you’re a gun snob or amateur enthusiast, that’s the kind of quality you tend to find in higher-end parts, and that’s impressive for something that costs $39.

Build quality isn’t all there is to buying a new rifle component. You need to be able to customize your weapon as simply and efficiently as possible. After all, what good’s a rifle that doesn’t look and work how you want it to? That’s why this lower’s “MULTI” caliber specifications are such a selling point. Get the versatility you want from your firearm by taking advantage of different calibers for different occasions.

Next is the lack of coating which, for the uninitiated, may seem like a minus. What it actually is, however, is an opportunity for you, the end-user, to customize your firearm. Custom coating is now 100% on the table, for a final product that looks the way you want it to.

Finally, there’s the expert machining and certification to consider. Kaiser chemical certifications for that 7075 I mentioned earlier? That means stronger, less worn materials over the lifespan of your firearm. And that text-precise machining, combined with the fact the whole thing is put together right here in the USA, makes for an overall product you can rely on for many years to come.

The E2 Armory Lower Receiver Review

All in all, the E2 Armory Lower Receiver Review comes precision-crafted and highly customizable. Available at a fantastic price, and with a design that puts you on parr with much more expensive components, it’s also a great deal.

In the search for great value, it can be easy to feel negative, like you “get what you pay for”. The truth is, with a company that puts build quality first and their bottom line second, it’s perfectly realistic to expect the best for less.

So, would I recommend this component to someone looking for great quality at a low price? No. I’d recommend it to anybody looking for a great quality, period. It makes you wonder about their upper receivers and other components.

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