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fixed blade broadheads

our train hunting gear is getting so specialized these days that it seems like you need a completely new arsenal every time you chase a different game animal if you’re fed up with a specialized gear hype a great place to start is by paring down your broadhead selection one of the wisest choices you can make is by loading your quiver with compact fixed blade heads.

A few companies make them better than slick trick they fly like darts dependably cut on contact with no moving parts and are built to penetrate deeply they also stay together after the shot slick tricks patented Alcatraz blade lock blade retention system might well be the most dependable in the industry this allows slick trick broadheads to retain more energy as they pass through game animals leading not only to deeper penetration but more consistent complete pass through performance and make no mistake a complete pass through is precisely what you’re looking for in a quality broadhead.

it continues to amaze me that more Bow hunters do not shoot their broadheads before heading a field which is a really silly short-sighted mistake I guess one reason is laziness but then there are those bow hunters who don’t want to ruin expensive heads and if you look closer that’s really not the case.

All you must do is use a few heads for practice and then simply insert new blades before hitting the field isn’t your next trophy worth the price of a pack of replacement blades

the advantages of fixed blade broadheads

Easy to Maintain:

Most fixed blade broadheads can easily be sharpened so that they kill more effectively.


Again, the lack of moving parts makes fixed broadheads the more reliable option. You don’t have to worry about whether your blades will deploy upon impact.


Because the blades don’t move, fixed blade broadheads are strong. Traditional single-piece welded designs are the strongest.


Fixed blades are generally more economically priced than its mechanical counterparts.


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