hi there, welcome to my website spinoutdoor, my name is Samuel Jackson,38 years old.

I’ve been doing outdoor trips since 15 with my father and then alone after his death when I was 19.

He used always to say, “learn new skills and teach them to others in the most effective way, that’s how our great civilization was made”.So, I took his advice as a principle and as a goal of my life. Now, I’m teaching my two sons(Noah,17 and John,14) all what I know about life and outdoor techniques in particular and they’re doing a great job in both which is making me proud of them.

 Then I thought, “why not teaching those techniques and experiences to a broader audience, it’s gonna be meaningful and have an impact on the world effectively”.That’s why I decided to create a website in which I share with people who have the same passion as mine, my 23 years of experience.

 That, dear reader, was the story of this website spinoutdoor and I hope you enjoy navigating it.
 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or if you need more information.