Things to Look for While Buying a Reloading Scale

Things to Look for While Buying a Reloading Scale

Because of two reasons, people are most likely to reload their own shells. The first reason is, people weigh their brass cases for true accuracy with optimal ammunition. Another thing is, there is no alternative to reloading yourself for the shot’s tightest grouping.

The second reason is safety as some bullets may be prone to mistakes. Even with the overloaded and duds rounds, there is a huge chance of devastating mediocre. Therefore, choosing the best reloading scale is a must. This article will show you the Things to look for while buying a reloading scale.

Reloading Scale 

For maintaining the perfect quality of the rounds, the best way is reloading ammo. And a reloading scale is a must for measuring cases, bullets, and powder accurately. It helps you to get the perfect amount of powder into each round. Also, without overloading and under-loading, you can achieve an accurate amount in the process. There are three types of reloading scale for best precision are available. They are mechanical scale, digital scale, and digital scales with dispensers.

Mechanical Scale

Generally, mechanical scales come with a mass slider and graduated scale. Mechanical graduation requires more beams, which ensures more accuracy. For the mechanical scale, it will offer at least a 0.01 graduation. The best thing about this mechanical scale is it doesn’t need electricity to power it. While you are out hunting, you can easily use this mechanical scale.

Digital Scales 

It is the best type of reloading scale because of its accuracy and benefits. Digital scales use calibrators to confirm accuracy. It is designed with an LCD display from which you can see the exact weight. For providing more ease, it has function keys and a keypad. Digital scales need an electrical cord or batteries to power themselves. Some digital scales have both these options.

Digital Scales With Dispensers

The regular digital scales are compatible with the separate dispenser or trickle. So, for having more advanced features, you can use this single model that combines both scale and dispenser. Some models come with an automatic dispense function. This model allows you to match the weight for loading recipes by dispensing a specific amount of powder.

How to Use a Reloading Scale?

Each model has its own using process. To get the best results, you have to read the manual carefully before using the reloading scales. Here we will show you some general rules about using it.

  • Place the scale on a stable or balanced surface. Make sure to keep it away from something that vibrates.
  • Put the batteries in or plug it in.
  • First, let it warm so that it can acclimatize and stabilize the components.
  • Now by using the calibration weight, calibrate the scale. Depending on the model, this process may differ. But the display will show you the exact weight at the end.
  • Be very careful while placing weight on the scale. Try to avoid leaving any weight for too long on the scale.
  • The display will read zero after removing the weight.
  • Keep the powder pan on the scale. Then, to set the weight to zero, press the zero button.
  • To see the weight unit on display you should use the controls.
  • While weighing the powder you have to press the zero button every 10 times to sustain the proper calibration.
  • After completing, turn the device off. Then, by putting a dust cover over it place it in storage.

Things to Look for While Buying a Reloading Scale

To get the best reloading scale, you need to consider some facts. Here, we will show you the Things to look for while buying a reloading scale.


Within 1/10 of a grain is the accurate weight of the reloading scale. It will help you to put the exact amount of powder for the ammo. The reloading scale should consistently provide an accurate result even after using it for a long day. Make sure the weight reading should be within a tenth of a grain.

Power Option

Reloading scales come with an electric cord or batteries for getting the power. While going for a scale with the electrical cord make sure it matches your home’s electrical voltage. It will be best if the reloading scale has both 110V or 220V adaptors.

It will assure you that it can be used anywhere. For portability, you should go for the scales with batteries. Many reloading scales come with both battery and electrical cord options.

Ease of Use

Look out for the simple and easy to handle control buttons. It will be better if you can use a single button for several specialized functions. Some scales are designed with auto-calibration, which is a great thing for easy calibration. The LCD screen should be large and have backlighting. Also, the LCD screen should display not only the weight but also the unit.

Capacity and Surface Size

Reloading scales have different sizes and shapes with a wide capacity load. First, you should consider the rounds of ammunition you will reload and the quantity of powder it requires. Then, you can get an idea about the capacity and surface size you need.


Greater performance depends on the capacity, accuracy, and features of the reloading scales. Look out for scales that have removable bowls or pots and dust covers for extra protection. Also, consider the speed of measurement; otherwise, it can be the reason for major time waste and frustration.


Make sure the reloading scale is lightweight to ensure greater portability. Some models come with heavy-weight. The weight actually depends on the construction materials that can be metal or plastic. For outdoor use, you should look out for the lightweight, portable scale. Some excellent scales can offer a proper balance between weight and durability.


A reloading scale that will meet up all your requirements will be the perfect device for you. The perfect reloading scale can assure an effective process of reloading the ammo.

From this article, you can find out the Things to look for while buying a reloading scale. Now you can purchase the best device and optimize the accuracy of weights. As a result, you can save money in the long run.

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