Best Altimeter Watch

Best Altimeter Watch – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Altimeter Watch
Best Altimeter Watch

Did ever you spend your relaxing Friday night planning an amazing weekend hiking to an exciting new location, only to return disappointed as the trail was not marked appropriately and you finally got lost?

Perhaps you were getting altitude too quick and fought with headache afterward? The best altimeter watch is what you should have got before.

A compass and altimeters would address these problems but they’re a headache to tote around. The ideal option for these problems is to have the top altimeter watch!

However, in this post, I want to offer you the top altimeter watches available on the marketplace nowadays. With the prices of the latest technologies often getting expensive, I want to ensure that you find the ideal device for your wallet and your needs.

Thus, relax and chill – I will give you the top 5 recommendations to choose from with a pretty helpful buying guide!

Best Altimeter Watch Reviews!

1. Garmin Fenix GPS Watch 3

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch 3 altitude watch, undoubtedly, is the best one available on the marketplace. Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch is a solid, GPS-style watch for outdoors. This is easily compatible with GLONASS and GPS. It helps ensure fast satellite locks as well as great trekking.

However, the several “sport-modes” are updated for keeping a record of the data while running, skiing, swimming, biking, and climbing.

Even with Garmin Fenix 5 introduced now, this Garmin Fenix GPS Watch 3 still continues to be a prevalent device among the outdoor enthusiasts. It is a “multi-work” watch which accompanies several wellness trackers, which makes it an ideal device.

This Garmin Fenix GPS Watch 3, on the other hand, is a new case of altimeter watch which offers a perfect harmony among usefulness and beauty.

The bezel, at the same time, is manufactured from tempered steel whereas the strap is made from silicone. Also, Garmin offers a model equipped with a titanium band.

This has a radiant display, which comes with amazing battery life as well as includes water resistance as much as 330 feet. It is an extraordinary open-air present-day watch designed for climbing, skiing, swimming, running, and other outdoor exercises.

  • Cozy
  • Superb display
  • Effortless to use
  • A good number of useful features
  • Heavy
  • Costly


2. SUUNTO Core SS014279010 Military Men’s Watch

The SUUNTO Core SS014279010 Military Men’s Watch is available in a smooth minimalist style to use in the busy areas. You can choose from golden, black and white finishes.

The core offers plenty of features, for example, changing the pressure alerts, sunset and sunrise in 400+ geographical areas, daylight elevation and ending log monitoring in seven days for the hikers.

This ABC watch, at the same time, has an integrated a modern style with standard outdoor functionalities you would want in the gear, for instance, an altimeter, stopwatch, and compass among other useful features.

It offers the vital ABC data intended for gauging path, device performance as well as approaching weather.

On the other hand, the alarm will go off in case there is a quick change in the atmospheric “air-pressure”. Alti-mode/auto barometer has the ability to sense the movements, flipping between the altimeter and barometer functionalities.

So, do you have a limited budget and need a watch having basic functions for outdoor explorations? Choose this SUUNTO Core SS014279010 Military Men’s Watch for the entry-level uses and outdoor pursuit. I must say, this is the best altimeter watch out there.

  • Flexible for several applications
  • Durable design to aid challenging outdoor use
  • It predicts the changing weather circumstances correctly
  • It is not perfect for major survivalists


3. Casio Men’s PAG240-1 Pathfinder

This Casio Men’s PAG240-1 Pathfinder is actually a solar-run altimeter watch that is the top one on this review post. This sun-run, multi-function altimeter watch will keep working for about half a year without witnessing the sun.

This performs properly, for all purposes and intents, on any outdoors journey, irrespective of conditions.

This Pathfinder is a special watch for anyone that loves to hike, climb or simply requires a solid watch. It is less clean compared to the Casio’s Pro Trek as well as has a few highlights.

On the other hand, it is a strong option for anyone that is actually on a tight budget to buy a watch having a band and metal case. Once more, it is most probably less “down-to-earth” for the long-distance athletes, yet a good universal watch for people on a tight budget.

The Casio Men’s PAG240-1 Pathfinder is mainly similar to the Waterproof Pro Trek solar watch. This is also sunlight-based, yet the vital contrasts are slightly less helpful, and also it offers a less cleansed look.

  • Lightweight
  • Includes a steel case
  • Includes a titanium band
  • Uncomplicated on pocket
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • The display is absolutely not good
  • This is not quite comfortable


4. Casio Men’s PRG650Y1CR Pro Trek Altimeter Watch

The Casio Men’s PRG650Y1CR Pro Trek Altimeter Watch is particularly designed with handy functionality to allow adventurists to fully experience their journeys, travels, and nighttime adventures.

This unique Casio model features a nighttime safari concept having exceptional night lighting that is simply perfect for any night activity spent open air.

Outside bands, on the other hand, of this altimeter, is black, but inside bands shine in a neon faint color during the night. It includes a sleek and stylish design which is simple to set as well as read.

This Casio Men’s PRG650Y1CR Pro Trek Altimeter Watch has digital and analog displays and also makes use of mineral crystal intended for the dial window. The bezels are additionally made from stainless steel.

Not forgetting, this Casio altimeter is very intuitive with excellent readability in various angles both nighttime and day. It securely and comfortably snugs on the wrist with an excellent buckle closure and silicone strap.

Aside from the superb fit, also it provides exceptional illumination that is best suited when you are out on a voyage at night. This is also designed with solar-run batteries, thus you will never bother about replacing batteries or charging when you are outdoors.

  • Solar-run
  • Simple to set & read
  • Comfortable and durable bands
  • It can be easily used when swimming or snorkeling
  • The watch face is not recessed


5. Garmin Forerunner GPS 935 Unit

In terms of keeping track of your exercises whether you’re doing this properly or not and whether you’re making improvement or not, this Garmin Forerunner GPS 935 Unit is what you need most.

This Garmin Forerunner GPS 935 Unit is for the athletes. However, the athletes can rely on the device all the time. This is a popular watch which is used widely as it includes advanced dynamics that help in running, cycling and swimming.

This device weighs in at 49 grams only. The users would discover this watch pretty convenient and comfortable all the day because of its compact design.

An amazing feature of Garmin Forerunner GPS 935 Unit is its built-in battery that guarantees 24 hrs in the GPS mode, 2 weeks of the watch mode as well as about 50 hours in the “ultra-track” mode. Also, it has a number of other excellent features.

  • User-friendly
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Sustainable battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Not pretty reliable


Buying Guide On The Best Altimeter Watch!

Every single altimeter watch includes a few essential capabilities. These include an altimeter, a timekeeper and a gauge.

Additionally, get a compass. You will find a number of watches available and with a lot more GPS smartwatches entering the marketplace, there are lots of highlights which are being included in these small devices.

Before purchasing a superb altimeter watch, it is wise to know exactly what features the device includes!

In this altimeter watch buying guide, we’re going to check out the features which the top altimeter watch should have!

  1. Simplicity Of Use:

The user-friendliness metric estimates exactly how natural this is to use an altimeter watch. It is advisable to know just how long this will require adjusting elevation as well as setting the important “time-work” for the first “run-through” for every watch. At the same time, you should keep in mind the point that it’s natural to use the watch while not counseling the manual.

  1. Power Supply:

You should know how the battery will be powered. The sun-run watches are those that make the work a lot simpler for everyone. Not worrying over taking along an extra battery or anticipating to charge your watch every day or two.

So, make sure that the power supply is great enough to support you while hiking or trekking.

  1. Display:

Display, not to mention, is important in the altimeter watch as it’s the thing that you’ll use to explore the provided data.

However, if you find out that the display is unable to peruse or perhaps you cannot peruse this at all, it is usually very complicated to use your altimeter when on the trek. You must put the resources into an ideal device which you can certainly peruse with no struggle.

  1. Compass:

An amazing altimeter watch should have an integrated compass. It will make the watch the perfect companion for outdoor excursions and hiking trips.

Therefore, before you purchase a top altimeter watch, it is advisable to check out if it includes a compass, otherwise, you have to face issues in the long-run.

  1. GPS:

An excellent altimeter watch comes with GPS and downloadable courses. GPS tracking is going to keep a record of all your movements. Additionally, they would be compatible with the pulse rate monitors.

Some other features make these ideal accomplices for crazy outdoor adventurers, super long-distance athletes, and long-distance athletes!

  1. Sturdiness:

Typically, the altimeter watches tend to be designed more towards the outdoor group, thus they are progressively robust in development as well as can endure any kind of wear and tear.

Also, they make such watches to endure the challenges of mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and a variety of open-air workouts.

  1. Accuracy:

Using the “air-pressure” readings is not secure, thus it is dependably a good thought to readjust the altimeter watch.

It can be particularly vital while hiking. Getting a recognized rise towards the beginning of the trekking is the least complex method to get the watch’s altimeter properly dialed in.

Although it can be a pain to have to recalibrate, going through this process is the ideal method to keep your device as precise as could practically be expected – that is fairly the purpose you bought the watch in fact.

  1. Battery Life:

Last but not least, the life of the battery is absolutely important when taking the device on any several-day mission.

As loads of hill dwellers, hikers, and climbers need a watch which keeps going beyond several-day. It becomes a necessity to have great battery life. From different viewpoints, if the battery can run longer, then it will be one of the best things for you.


To conclude, finding your temperature, air pressure and elevation among other factors at any time could be quite convenient while exercising outdoor activities.

It is truer when you love participating in extraordinary adventures, for example, climbing high mountains.

Needless to say, I have offered you the top options above to choose your best altimeter watch which meets your budget and needs.

The winner of this round-up review is Garmin Fenix GPS Watch 3. It is, undoubtedly the best one loaded with so many features and great performance.

Also, you can go for SUUNTO Core SS014279010 Military Men’s Watch. This runner-up winner is awesome as well.

I hope you’ve found these reviews & buying guide beneficial in your mission to buy the altimeter watch intended for effortless navigation. Purchase your most desired navigation tool for unlimited fun outdoors.

Also, I hope, you will share your opinions in the comment box below. If you have a little time, then make no delay to share this post on social media. Have fun!

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