best watches for mountaineering

best watches for mountaineering – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best watches for mountaineering

A few decades ago mountain climbing was just as easy as it is in these days since the majority of the mountain climbing gear was made and available for the professionals. Obviously, it had been a long time ago and nowadays Seeing that mountain climbing is becoming a lot more fashionable as sports activity and newer gear is being spent annually. Best watches for mountaineering are a must to get. We will talk about the top 5 watches in this post.

The functions of Altimeter watches are a bit similar to newest smartphones, however, as you might know; the smartphones can not be thought to be mountain climbing gear.

As there are lots of unique models of the altimeter watch, it is really challenging to pick which one suits your needs. As it’s actually a difficult process, this article will help you by providing a list of just a few things.

top 5 best Watches For Mountaineering

1 – Suunto Traverse Watch

This watch is ideal for mountaineer who else is climbing during the day. The watch is actually GPS enabled and includes great accuracy along with ability to program your points and routes of interest, fitness trackers, and integrated flash-light mode.

This watch lacks quantity of attributes that have not been included, but still include all of the necessary features of timekeeper, compass, altimeter, barometers and even more!

It is one of the easiest watches for learning how to use and almost no pushing button just to navigate via options. Traverse is good for any day trips. Also, the graphs happen to be shown boldly and are simple to read on display.

  • Logbook along with recall
  • FusedAlti
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Rechargeable battery
  • GPS
  • Water-proof
  • Monitor storm alerts and weather patterns
  • The included “wrist-band” is lower in quality compared to additional Altimeter watches, battery-life is a lot shorter compared to other out there lasting simply 2 weeks not having GPS and also 8 hours while using GPS.


2 – Casio Pro Men’s Trek Men’s PRW6000Y1ACR Solar Run Analog-Digital Black Sport Watch

One among the best attributes of this particular is that it is solar-driven so you never need to worry about battery life when hiking for miles just on the mountain getaways.

Usually, this strap is created from the carbon fiber and makes this super durable non-reflective “mineral-glass” with atomic clock.

Triple-sensor is made for giving real-time data on temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude.

It is an awesome watch for almost any fundamental altimeter needs. Also, you can recall around 30 past 30 or just for any downhill or uphill missions and also distinguish the altitude in between the 2.

  • Data recall around 30 logs
  • Water-proof
  • Durable and Tough
  • Stores trips
  • Monitors weather patterns and altitude
  • Analog features
  • Compared with other rivals, this watch includes worst graphs. They’re small and also don’t incorporate much data
  • The watch also doesn’t monitor fitness metrics as well as features relatively archaic technology in almost all of the accessories


3 – Garmin Fenix-3 HR Watch

The following watch was made to be better trainer which can be better.

The screen is bold and battery-life is about 36 hours in the UltraTrac Mode. The watch shows the weather and the graphs which are simple and easy to understand.

The storm monitoring function and also changes in the barometric pressure are usually excellent.

The watch is ideal for tracking fitness and individuals. There are lots of wonderful tools which are the part of watch for progress and performance.

The GPS could be used for more than a few weeks.

  • Custom workouts
  • Activity tracking
  • Set times/Sunrise
  • Compass
  • Storm Alerts
  • If you’re mountaineering in wilderness and also using the watch as only tool just for navigation, then this might not be best choice for you


4 – SUUNTO Ambit 2S GPS HRM Watch

The following watch is for the serious climbers who anticipates spending many days. The watch measures performance and navigation

There is an integrated barometer to monitor the situation and also alert you to impending storms and weather systems. Also, you can straighten out the rhythm of your heart rate.

The matte black model is very smooth and also stylish looking over its band is of soft rubber. Ambit 2 is really water resistant and comfortable to put on. This is a popular sport watch for ironman contestants and triathletes worldwide.

The following watch is one of the most popular apps that can be downloaded. PC or Mac are compatible with Ambit 2 software is easy to use.

  • Heart rate track
  • Compass
  • Storm alerts
  • Mac and PC Software
  • Battery life (15-day)
  • For using movescount, you must be connected to internet
  • Also, you can’t get SMS or vibrate alerts features on Ambit 2. Already Ambit 3 is released with more upgraded features


5 – Casio Pro Trek Men’s PRW2500T7CR Solar Digital Tough Sport Watch

Casio 2500T-CR PRW has gorgeous traditional design ideal for any event.
The features of this watch are thermometer and barometer, altimeter memory, altimeter, moon data, 200M water-proof and digital compass. Features like thermometer and barometer will assist you to determine exactly what’s going on.

Its battery is actually recharged by the solar panel, so you will not have to change the batteries anymore. Moreover, the watch shows 5 daily alarms, countdown timer, world clock, battery level signal and some other features.

It is one of the best Casio watches that you can get for a fair price. It’s quite a practical tool which makes you feel at home or weary every day because of its gorgeous design.

  • Affordable
  • Gorgeous design
  • 200M water-proof and digital compass
  • Materials may degrade over time


Best mountaineering watches buying guide

The buying guide includes criteria and rules that you should consider before buying. When some standard criteria stay the same, you will find some other things that must be considered. Below, we have listed most significant criteria

1. GPS:

In some cases, the most crucial function of a GPS is that it helps to locate the situation, also making it easy to explore the unknown mountains. The GPS is dependent on all information received via several satellites. All these satellites are usually synchronized with one another and continually inform us of their accurate position. Usually, they are looking for reference points just for the navigation. GPS receiver processes and detects signals from satellites.

2. Altimeter:

The Altimeters do the work in different ways. They use a single pressure sensor which measures the exact atmospheric pressure. By doing this, they create a new measurement of current atmospheric pressure. All the height measurements are based on International-Standard-Atmosphere (ISA) values.

3. Barometer:

This barometer assists us to understand just what weather is approaching. It measures atmospheric pressure and climatic trends. Well, as we climb the higher, the lower barometric pressure it shows. When atmospheric pressure rises, the weather is likely to improve. When pressure decreases, then you need to wear your raincoat anyway.

4. Compass:

The compass comes with a sensor which uses the magnetic field of earth to tell us direction with excellent accuracy. The majority of models involve “three-axis” digital compass, though a few models have joined the particular strap.

5. Thermometer:

The thermometer is often useful in a few circumstances. This helps us predict the weather in advance. Most models might measure in the range from -10º C towards 60º C.

6. Waterproof:

All the trekking watches are usually water-proof. The only variation is depth that they might resist; nearly all are designed for resisting 100 meters in fact.

7. Durability:

Once we would be along with the hiking gear, we will focus on durability and quality. These watches are usually adapted to the potential for hiking-rising situations like impacts, scratches, water, and extreme temperatures.


While searching for best mountain climbing will be extremely important. You will find lots of people nowadays who also have had a lot of different scenarios. Make sure to give consideration to its features that will benefit you in the long run.

When it is all said and done, you are still responsible.

It is very hard to find the right thing for you. Suunto Traverse Watch is the winner of this review. It offers exactly what you need. Make sure you’ve got your hands around the wrist on your upcoming mountaineering event!

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