How Do You Pop a Wheelie on a Bike

How Do You Pop a Wheelie on a Bike

Do you want to impress your friend circle? Then, one of the most incredible ways to impress a friend circle or look cool in front of a friend is to pop a wheelie on a bike. And the best thing about doing a wheelie on a bike is that it is one of the easiest tricks to master. But it will be difficult to master if you are not able to maintain proper balance with your bike.

However, if you choose a good bike to pop a wheelie, it would be best for you. And, in the market, you will find many good bikes for wheelies from which you can buy one at an affordable price. However, how do you pop a wheelie on a bike? If you do not know, do not panic, here this article will provide you a step by step guideline on how to pop a wheelie on a bike. So, read on!

How Do You Pop A Wheelie On A Bike? (Step By Step)

One of the most common questions that experts hear a lot is- How do you pop a wheelie on a bike? At first, it may seem not easy for you to do a wheelie on a bike by thinking it may require intense technical skill. But in reality, pop a wheelie on a bike is not as complicated as it seems to be.

However, there are possible dangers behind doing a wheelie on a bike, but someone who has the guts to try it can do it easily. Because it is something within reach of anyone who knows the proper steps. For your convenience, below, we break down the appropriate steps of doing a wheelie on a bike at step by step.

Step 1- Set the Bike Seat to Middle Position.

When you will do a wheelie on a bike, you will do this by sitting. So, your sitting position matters a lot in doing this and that is why you need to adjust your seat to a middle position since it will help you to keep your body center of gravity and balance.

Step 2- Lower Your Gears.

Do not try to go very fast at all instead put the bike in low gear as far as you can. As a beginner, it will be best for you if while doing a wheelie you put your bike into low gear to start rolling speed. Keep in mind; you will be able to perform a wheelie with any gear such as low, medium, or high but it is considered with lower gear, a wheelie is much easier to learn.

Step 3- Find a Large Space.

If you do the practice of wheelie at a large space it will be much easier for you to do the wheelie because doing wheelie requires open space. So, to pull off a wheelie easily it will be better for you if you go to the local park or a large field.

Step 4- Go Slow to Medium Pace.

When you start pedaling go slow at the beginning and when you see you are able to maintain and balance it then builds up a little speed and as time goes on increase your speed.

Step 5- Hold the Bike Pedal At 02:00 Clock Position.

When you realize, you are comfortably cycling, hold the pedal of the bike at 02:00 clock position with your stronger foot. But first confirm which one is your stronger foot or dominant foot, while you do cycling.

Step 6- Perform the Wheelie.

Now by using your stronger foot pedal down and at the same time pull up in the handlebars to lean backward to lift the bike’s front wheel slightly off the ground and it will pop up in the air. And that is it; you will successfully pop a wheelie on a bike!

Step 7- Land the Bike on the Ground

When you feel uncomfortable or start losing balance, it is time to end your wheelie. For that, hold down the rear or back end brakes and straighten the front wheel of your bike to land it on the ground.

Some Wheelie Tips and Warning

Some Wheelie Tips and Warning


  • As a beginner, put your bike gears on the easiest setting.
  • At first, try to do smaller wheelies to know how well you are doing or to know your balance level with your bike. And shift to longer ones when you get comfortable with your balance.
  • If you fail to become successful for the first time or first two to three attempts, do not get frustrated. With practice, it will slowly become easier to do.
  • Keep in mind that no term exists such as perfect balance for doing a wheelie. Every time you will be either plus or minus on your balance point.
  • Last but not least, always maintain proper safety precautions.


  • When your bike’s front tire pops up in the air, do not keep the weight of your body over the handlebars. If you do this thing, there is always a possible chance of falling on the ground and getting an injury.
  • Avoid high speed or pedaling too fast if you are a beginner to doing a wheelie. If you go too fast or increase the speed at a higher level you will not be able to control your bike and fall.


At first, doing a wheelie on a bike will seem difficult for you to do. But if you stick to it and do a lot of practice, you will eventually turn into a pro of doing this trick.

Hopefully, to pop a wheelie on a bike will be easy-peasy for you after reading this article. Just select a bike from available good bikes for wheelies, follow all the steps as mentioned above correctly and you will be able to impress your friends easily with this trick! And now if someone asks you- How do you pop a wheelie on a bike? Answer like a pro!

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