Best Sunglasses For Hiking

Best Sunglasses For Hiking – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Sunglasses For Hiking
Best Sunglasses For Hiking

Whenever travelers go for hiking, almost all come well outfitted with accessories and gear to keep all the things protected, secure and convenient. Which one thing gets much less care? Your eyes. Several hours underneath the scorching sun is able to do considerably more harm to the eyes than you imagine that is why the best sunglasses for hiking own some remove complex technology.

Not to mention, you can easily protect the skin from all those harmful UVB and UVA rays from sun by utilizing sunscreen. But for protecting your eyelids, eyes, and skin around the eyes you have to use the sunglass.

Whenever you’re hiking to hill to top, the strength of UVB and UVA rays are growing frequently. In this instance, the possibilities of having an eye issue are considerably higher.

Wearing sunglass not just protects the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays but also defends from small flies, water, sweat, dirt, snow, wind, and dust. From innovative frame and the best lens to popular, you will find a few of the most effective sunglasses intended for hiking to help keep the eyes secured and your hiking comfortable all through the day.

7 Best Sunglasses For Hiking


1. Oakley 2.0 Half Jacket Sunglasses

This Oakley 2.0 Half Jacket offers an ergonomic frame style which cuts the wind out and fits to the sides of the temple with the rubberized arms.

In terms of probably the most recognized brand related to performance sports eyeglasses, Oakley continues to be producing top of the line items for decades. Supported by their long-time warranty on the lenses as well as their highly advanced, hi-tech frame and lens designs, Oakley has perfectly set themselves aside with their variety of overall performance sports sunglasses.

Offering polarized lenses, it is very important to eliminate the sun’s nasty glare on the lake or dam on those challenging water shots, and / or pursuing the ball from the sky on the long drives.

Also, there is not a lot to be explained about the negatives of this sunglass only that we hope they included interchangeable lenses intended for different conditions as the standard feature. The ideal companion for all those sunny, clear days, this half jacket 2.0 sunglass will keep the eyes shielded and your eyesight improved with the superior lens technology of Oakley.

  • Polarized lens
  • Compatible lens
  • Non-stop comfort
  • Composite Frame
  • 100% UV protection
  • A little bit expensive


2. Duduma Tr90 Polarized Sports Sunglass

Here is the outstanding pair of the top hiking sunglasses. Duduma Tr90 Polarized Sports Sunglass is a durable, stylish and light sunglass for your hiking needs. Not to mention, polycarbonate materials are implemented in the engineering of this sunglass. This technique is used to generate a much higher sunglass.

This 7-layer polarized lens makes use of the superior technologies for keeping it through peeling off. The Polycarbonate is used to generate the lenses intended for a long-lasting and scratch proof result. All these lenses then are layered to provide 100% UV400 safety and prevent 100% UVB and UVA rays. This is a multiple-gender wear eyewear for both women and men.

The positive thing about this Duduma Polarized glass is, you can easily afford this because it provides a relatively low cost. Also, it will fit almost all comfortably faces to ensure that you are comfortable while using this during your hiking trip. What is more, this particular sunglass is very trendy despite being inexpensive.

  • Low cost
  • Fashionable
  • Superior quality
  • Fits both females and males
  • Fits all the face sizes comfortably
  • It is not a good fit for kids


3. Julbo Bivouak Sunglass For Hiking / Mountain

Outdoor activities have fulfilled their particular match with this Bivouak, solar safety for almost any condition. With magnetic defensive shields, optimal coverage, broad Camel lenses, that will be included in a minute you come to be with all the elements.

Do you love mountains? Not to mention, you mostly choose mountaineering with buddies. This particular sunglass will be the perfect choice. This is ideal for trail running, mountaineering, climbing, and hiking.

Unlike some other eyeglasses, it is included with the remarkably technical features intended for providing maximum hold. It is possible only because of its adjustable 360-degree temples and Flex-Nose design.

  • Front venting increases air flow
  • The Sunlight is completely neutralized
  • Magnetic defensive removable side shields assist with customized fit
  • You will find temple pads or nose pads that would have assisted in resting this sunglass a little lower or higher


4. Smith Optics Max Parallel Sunglasses

The Smith Optics Max Parallel Sunglasses are the finest pair of goggle which you can easily carry on your hiking or trekking excursion. The TR-90 frame can easily fit in comfort on the faces of various sizes and holds carbonic nose pads, megol temple, and TLT lenses.

In the parallel universe, recently, Smith Optics attempted to create the perfect interchangeable sunglass. This was decided that this particular style required to be performance-driven, contemporary and lightweight. The Parallel you eat!

This Parallel Max uses the similar performance-powered frame and match as Parallel. On the other hand, lens profile is increased to offer more protection while still sustaining a minimalist feel and look. This unique style is the best accessory intended for all your outdoor passions.

  • Hydrophobic lens layer shields glasses from the water
  • This pair of sunglass is performance oriented, durable and lightweight
  • Nose pads and hydrophilic temple helps to keep the glass in place throughout sweating
  • Lenses won’t enable you to clearly see in the dim light circumstances
  • You may have soreness in eyes in case you wear glasses for quite a long time


5. Oakley Men’s Flak OO9188 2.0 Xl Sunglass

Oakley engineering has taken performance to another level and brought design along for ride. The Flak 2.0 provides an average size frame with improved lens coverage, as well as each millimeter of lens is improved with HD optics in the ruggedly long-lasting yet light in weight design. Fashioned to push the limits with trademarked XYZ optics intended for razor-sharp clearness and secure grasp of unobtanium.

The Oakley was established for first-class athletes, people who find the limitations of chance as just one more challenge. Their commitment drives this company to check beyond the traditional ideas of the industry standards. It is in DNA of Oakley to determine problems, create innovations, and wrap all those innovations in art. Not to mention in order to make the things greater than anyone imagined possible. Years of Oakley creativity have been honored over 540 patents which lift physics to another art level.

Technologies surpassed sports to improve the life of buyers, and over 110 countries currently enjoy a complete variety of market-leading items including premium apparel, prescription eyewear, goggles, sunglasses, and accessories. All these products stand for Oakley’s dedication to quality – a passion which redefines exactly what is available for all those who tend to defy their limits.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality materials
  • The price is little bit high compared to others available on the marketplace


6. Oakley Fives Squared Sunglass

This Oakley Fives Squared Sunglass is the answer to typical sunglasses which simply do not fit perfectly. Unlike nearly all sunglasses which produces a gap on the sides of the head, this Fives Squared frame features a unique cranial mold which hugs the face to give a great fit.

Not just they are customized molded, but frames are extremely lightweight also. It weighs in at just 2.1 oz; It is almost amazing whenever you hold in the hand. You can easily wear this Oakley Fives-Squared Sunglass 24-hour a day with no difficulties. They are remarkably long-lasting for their particular weight too. This Gas-Can sunglass comes in a number of different frame and lens combinations with camo edition is the top looking one in our view.

The Fives Squared will be installed with the Oakley Genuine Prescription Lenses. Lots of colors can be used for the premium lenses, and in case you select non-prescription edition, you can choose from a variety of famous hues. Options contain Iridium coated lenses which precisely balance the light transmission and also decrease glare, not to mention, Oakley polarized lenses destroy 99% of the glare devoid of muddying the vision with distortion and haze found with the typical polarized lenses.

  • Well-built
  • High quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Light in weight
  • A good value for money
  • We didn’t find any con for this sunglass


7. Serengeti Bormio Unisex Sunglasses

Bormio version with frame which will go with you with the sophistication and style of your best sporting achievements! Serengeti Photochromic lens, technology ties ultra light and sleek frame for making the majority of the outdoor adventures. It provides you with complete field of view through photo-chromic PhD Polar lenses, 555-nm Blue.

Nose pads for absorbing moisture, meol temple tip, 8-Rx base curve, 125-mm temple length, moderate fit, Sport-Nylon family keep the frames in place securely. The lens size is approximately 62x37x65-mm and 16-mm dbl.

The Photo-chromic reacts to the UV light, adjust to all the light conditions, and improve your vision. Advanced-Polarized Surface Tech of Serengeti has been crafted into the rear of each PhD Polar lens, removing the deterioration and de-lamination inherent with the film. When crossing the sun-scorched valleys or even winding the mountain roads, the Serengeti lenses flawlessly adapted to the changing light circumstances. Using the injected highest quality Nylon TR-90 intended for superior sturdiness, these stylish frames offer the added advantage of being extremely light, chemically proof, and extremely comfortable and flexible. Nylon TR-90 is featured within designs in the Sports Nylon, Premium and Classic Series. It has Nylon Grilamid Injected TR90 material.

Serengeti Eyeglass, are powered by vision, as well as has been since its beginning. Evolution in the last century comes after an unparalleled route of successes in performance, design, and technology from Corning that resulted in the superior sunglass lens technologies of modern-day Serengeti Eyeglasses.

  • Stylish
  • Built with state-of-the-art materials
  • Offers best protection from sun’s UV rays
  • We didn’t find any con for this sunglass


How To Pick The Best Sunglasses For Hiking?

1. Style Of Hiking:

Before you decide to jump into all of the specialized factors, chill for a short while and give thought to the sort of hiking which you will be doing frequently.

Are you just seeking to escape the hiking trails for a couple of hours on the weekend? If you do, then you will be looking for a great all-rounder which does not cost you the earth. Possibly you will be investing the majority of your effort and time above snow line? Safeguarding against the glare is important when you are in the snowfall.

Or maybe you are the trail runner? So, you will be searching for sunglasses which are ultra-durable and lightweight. You will be suffering from a lot more debris compared to a normal hiker, and even you have to realize that the sunglasses are going to be close to the challenges.

2. Type Of The Lens:

Among a number of different factors when picking sunglasses for hiking, the lenses will be the most important. They would be the blockers between the sun and your sensitive eyes, protecting against the skin cancer as well as allowing you to take pleasure in your adventures without any painful glare.

  • Visible Light Transmitting:

At their simplest, sunglasses lenses decrease the level of light which is sent to the eyes. It is called the VLT (Visible Light Transmission level). Sunglasses having a lower VLT level (under 40%) are typically excellent for the outdoor actions in the bright conditions since they block the majority of light attempting to get via the lens.

  • Protection From Uv Rays:

While we cannot see the UV (ultraviolet) light, the results can be incredibly harmful to our health and eyes. You will find 3 sorts of the UV light, UVC, UVB, and UVA. Of these, the UVB is considered the most harmful as it causes skin cancer. Be sure that the particular sunglasses you’re buying can block 100% of the UVB light.

Still, there is considerable debate about the risk posed by the UVA light. Newly released research indicates it can be dangerous, therefore it is advised that you take the required caution and make sure your sunglasses additionally protect from UVA.

  • Polarization:

One more important factor of the lens design, especially if you are planning on performing a lot of snowboarding, kayaking, alpine hiking, or hiking close to big bodies of the water, stands out as provision of the polarization. Whenever light tends to reflect off the surface, for example, water or snow, the light gets “polarized.”

  • Photochromic Lens:

Photo-chromic lens is manufactured from materials which automatically adapt to level of the ambient light as well as have an adjustable VLT level. In case this is dark, after that the lens will stay clear, but since the sun arrives the lens will darken automatically to protect the eyes.

Some people report that they’re not quite as great as a dedicated set of sunglasses, but occasionally you do not always want the full light decrease and might choose something halfway.

3. Material Of The Lens:

It was previously that you had only one option in regards to lens; glass At the same time glass continues to be an option, improvements in technology currently have brought a variety of unique materials for example plastic, polyurethane, and polycarbonate.

Glass offers the finest scratch-proof and has outstanding optical qualities (for shortage of distortion and clarity), but this is additionally the most intense and can easily break when struck.

The Polycarbonate tends to be a plastic having top-notch optical qualities as well as an extremely impact-resistant, strong molecular structure. It makes it an awesome choice for the hikers, but it is worth understanding that it can easily scratch, therefore care is important when outdoors.

On the other hand, Polyurethane is a synthetic material which brings the best quality of polycarbonate and glass together, which makes them optically excellent, extremely tough and lightweight. As you may expect, they’re also the priciest.

Not to mention, Plastic is an extremely economical option, being lightweight and having great optical qualities. However, they may scratch very easily and are not as evident as polyurethane or polycarbonate.

When exploring the hiking sunglasses make sure to verify if the lens is coated. More superior materials for example polycarbonate do not need any coating normally.

4. Frame Materials:

In terms of sunglass frames, you will find a variety of best materials to select from.

The metal frames, for example, titanium, aluminum, and steel may seem great. But, these are not practical since they will get hot extremely in the sunshine and offer bad impact resistance. As an alternative, be on the lookout for materials, for example, plastic/nylon, nylon, acetate combinations since these are affordable and will offer an excellent mixture of flexibility and durability.

5. Design:

You are heading to be using your eyeglasses in all sorts of conditions whenever you are hiking; So, you have to be aware that they are going to be effective, functional and comfortable!

If you are looking for outstanding protection from rain and wind, then perhaps you wish to choose a wrap-around design. To get more air flow and less possibility of the fogging up, you’ll need a considerably more open set of sunglasses.

Take the arms and nose-piece of frame into account, as they are going to be sitting on your ears and nose for considerable durations. Some sunglasses include additional cushioning in all these parts, or even if they are adjustable for ensuring a good fit.

In case you take pleasure in mountaineering, rock climbing or trail running, then you can also choose sunglasses with the contact points (rubberized) to ensure that they do not slip around throughout extreme activities.

6. Prescription Sunglasses:

If you have to wear the prescription glasses as part of your everyday activity and can not wear the contact lenses; then do not worry, it is not about to prevent you from hiking!

Numerous retailers and manufacturers of sunglasses currently offer you with the capability to offer you the prescription details, as well as they, can possibly customized build or purchase a set of sunglasses for meeting your requirements.

On the other hand, photo-chromic lenses may be of your interest, since they can be customized for your preferences and can easily be used only when hiking, still at home too.


Not to mention, hiking sunglasses can be extremely functional and loaded with cool enhancements. The best one may simply make your hiking a lot better. The Hikers are reasonably aware that they are trekking to mountain up or even hiking in the desert. The best sunglasses can provide considerable safety from the painful strong winds or sun’s rays.

In the end, sunglasses can be an important part of the hiking attire. In case you are not attentive to wearing the glasses, health problems might arise in your life later. While trying to find the best pair, give attention to purchasing a pair which offers 100% Protection from UV rays and also has polarization. It will provide you the versatility in picking the brand and type while ensuring that you are taking a great care of the eyes.

If you are searching for something off and on your hike, then Oakley 2.0 Half Jacket Sunglasses will probably be your best option. It is a little bit sporty devoid of looking absurd on the roads, but extremely useful for the challenging hikes. In addition, it is effective for different types of activities such as running or cycling.

Still, we suggest you read the tips mentioned in this post before you make the purchase so that you can get the best one which will meet your requirements.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope we’ve helped you to a great extent. Please use the comment box below to share your ideas in the comment box below. Do not forget to share this post on social media with your friends. We wish you enjoy your hiking with the best sunglasses.

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