Best Long Range Scope Under $1000

Best 7 Long Range Scope Under $1000 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Long Range Scope Under $1000
Best Long Range Scope Under $1000

For outdoorsmen, there’s no doubt that hunting is definitely a great sport to take pleasure in. But without having a steady and good sight, hitting the targets may become a tad too challenging. This is exactly where the top long range scope comes into play. In contrast to the most scope, the long range scope offers better sighs which reach over the typical 100 – 200 yards. If you are looking for the best long range scope under $1000 then it’s the time to make your final decision without our in-depth reviews.

However, do not simply pick a scope having a “long-range” label in its title. The most effective scope for the long-range shot should include a superior build and outstanding optics.

The top long-range scopes provide a clear and crisp line of view and are in a position to hold hassle-free, even though the object is located over 200-yard away. The market of scopes is enormous- there is certainly a scope designed for every single weapon, for any goal, and even at every budget range. Since you are looking for superior quality, you can not hope for the top long range scope to be found at low cost.

In this post, we are intending to talk about the best long range scope under $1000. Needless to say, $1000 may seem too expensive but it is definitely not the ever highest price.

In case your price range is approximately $1000, then we are sure that you have a particular expectation level. You hope the scope delivers exceptional performance when it comes to crisp clear image at the long range.

Luckily for you, we have collected a few of the top long range scopes less than $1000 to assist you with the best decision when buying.


Vortex Viper PST6-24×50 Long Range Scope Magnification: 6-24x

Objective Diameter: 50mm
Tube Size: 30 mm

Nightforce Optics SHV 4-14×56 Long Range Scope Magnification: 4-14x
Objective Diameter: 56mm
Bushnell Elite G2DMR FFP Tactical Illuminated Long Range Scope Magnification: 6-24x
Objective Diameter: 50mm
SWFA 3-15×42 SS Tactical Long Range Scope Magnification: 3-15x
Objective Diameter: 49.4mm
Nikon 3 BDC MONARCH 4-16×50 Long Range Scope Magnification: 4-15x
Objective Diameter: 42mm
Nikon 5 BDC PROSTAFF Long Range Scope Magnification: 3.5-14x
Objective Diameter: 40mm
Leupold VX Compact 2 3-9x40-mm Long-Range Scope Leupold VX Compact 2 3-9×40-mm Long Range Scope Magnification: 3- 9x
Objective Diameter: 40mm



Best Long Range Scope Under $1000 – top7

1. Vortex Viper PST6-24×50 Long Range Scope

This Viper PST6-24×50 is a top end Vortex scope merging premium build materials, multiple-coated optics as well as user-friendly adjustment controls for providing the shooters with nuanced and highly tactical sight solution. The best feature of this particular scope, for us, is not that it has exceedingly good 6x-24x range for zoom, rather it has the best focal-plane reticle that removes a lot of complexity whenever estimating holdover and range using the EBR reticle that incidentally is the illuminated variety which makes it well suited for the low-light encounter.

This Viper FFP PST6-24×50 uses completely multi-coated lens to keep the light from jumping away at the air-to-glass borders. Extra “low dispersion” glass used for the lens yields the best image quality as well as the 50-mm target lens diameter guarantees a good exit pupil still at high magnifications.

Its 6x – 24 x-magnifications is ideal for moderate to long range shooter, and as outlined before, FFP reticle reduces the necessity to all those annoying sub-tension recalculations when you modify the power.

An easy Fiber Optic MAG-View Bar offers a clear, simple point of the intended reference for the existing zoom setting, which makes it easy to verify/adjust the magnification devoid of shifting your head. Precision-Glide-Erector Technique integrated in this scope guarantees uniform zoom realignment, even in tough operating circumstances.

  • Works superbly in low-light
  • Adjustable lit reticle is exceptional
  • Focus of front focal-plane is excellent
  • Made out of state-of-the-art glass coating
  • Amazing to use whenever hunting for short and long range shooting
  • Scope is long-lasting and built tough for almost any weather conditions
  • The only thing we could discover is its a bit weighty, but no problem

2. Nightforce Optics SHV 4-14×56 Long Range Scope

This Nightforce SVH can be the most effective long-range scope because of its trusted brand and name alone. Even though its features are most often lackluster, overall performance, as well as simple and sleek look, tends to make this long-range scope to superb one. The lens can be the most remarkable feature due to its big size and magnificent picture. On the other hand, magnification range is not removed as higher as some other long-range scopes; However, for long-range scopes on your limited budget, this Nightforce SVH is going to allow you to help shoot precisely in long ranges.

This Nightforce long range SVH scope is an all-black and 30-mm tube manufactured from aluminum alloy. Not to mention, the sleekness and materials of this long-range budget scope allow it to be higher quality and a bit showier compared to a few other scopes. This weighs in to slightly less than 2 pounds, as well as it offers an “eye relief” of approximately 3.5 inches.

You will not find a lot to complain about this Nightforce SVH long-range scope. In case you have confidence in the performance and quality of the Nightforce, after that, you should not be unhappy with this buy. We will mention that we hope this long-range scope had been a little lighter and little smaller for a great smooth-looking piece; However, that needs to be the main problem. As much as the budget goes, it will be considered a great investment for many. $ 1000 that is still less expensive than a number of other top-of-the-line scopes, however, it would be considered a great investment for many.

  • Has 56-mm “reticle lens”
  • Attractive and sleek look
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Provides crystal clear image
  • Higher budget cost
  • Bigger and heavier than most

3. Bushnell Elite G2DMR FFP Tactical Illuminated Long Range Scope

This Bushnell Elite G2DMR FFP Tactical Illuminated Long-range scope is a perfect choice for people who desire to have a great accessory to enhance their shooting abilities. It provides with an accurate marksmanship making this one of probably the most dependable yet inexpensive long range scopes available in the marketplace currently.

To understand how excellent this unit is, it had been developed through meeting with the military and law enforcement agencies who made a decision to develop a superior item that provides excellence even in the roughest circumstances.

This tactical scope includes Bushnell’s unique Rainguard High Definition lens coating designed to avoid external fogging and moisture from interfering along with the shot. Also, the lenses feature the new added “wideband” layer of Bushnell to increase brightness in the low light conditions such as dusk and dawn.

The blackened-out finish provides for additional stealth at the same time the finger is 0-resettable, adjustable, 0.1 “Mil-target” turrets offer accuracy. Its 30-mm tube structure looks smooth and is available in a single piece to get more precisions. Also, the design contains a sunshade which is approximately 3 “to shoot in sun-drenched conditions. This scope includes G2 DMR (Designated Marksman Reticle) which is as well as reliable FFP (first focal plane).

  • Amazing image quality of highest accuracy
  • The Adjustable magnifying power offers the utmost versatility
  • Adjustment of Side focus parallax is perfect for long-range precision
  • The Rainguard Technology will keep the lens crystal clear in different conditions
  • Looks not to accurately track marks on dials
  • The Reticle is referred to as illuminated however some units don’t have this feature

4. SWFA 3-15×42 SS Tactical Long Range Scope

Since its launch in 2013, SWFA 3-15×42 SS Tactical Long-range Scope has been earning popularity due to its excellent performance. Even though less costly compared to its 10xHD ancestors and 5-20x versions, this long-range tactical scope is added with considerably more features compared to its discount-price fixed magnification versions.

It features fluted ocular and blocky turrets housing which is manufactured from 30-mm aircraft grade aluminum tube for the purpose of durability and lightweight. The matte finishing gives this scope to professional and nice look.

This scope was one of the foremost to be fixed with SWFA’s trademarked Mil-Quad first-focal-plane reticle which makes it extremely hassle-free to retain for wind as a whole disregard of the power setting. It enables you to break 1/2-thousand marks as well as diamond of reticle more precisely for more precise targeting. This benefits a small lever or peg on the magnification ring that offers you an improved grasp whenever you have to change magnification immediately.

This device includes a parallax knob that is very handy with graded markings (6-m to infinity) which makes it simple to set your range in any tactical situation devoid of messing around trying to give attention to the fly.

  • Unbelievably positive MOA adjustments and clicks
  • Offers sharp, crisp images for optimum performance
  • Trademarked Mil-Quad focal plane and superior lenses
  • This scope contains specification and features beyond its budget range
  • Its coating designed to improve contrast will make specific objects appear darker in some other lights
  • Doesn’t come with the mounting instructions though it might not be an issue if you understand your machine

5. Nikon 3 BDC MONARCH 4-16×50 Long Range Scope

Nikon is the most trustworthy company. Their Nikon 3 BDC MONARCH 4-16×50 Long-range Scope has grabbed the interest of many marksmen and hunters searching for the best riflescopes. This unit includes MONARCH 3 BDC (ballistic drop compensator) reticle which offers hunters and shooters revolutionary precision and simplicity of use intended for long-range shootings. It performs this by integrating tiny targeting circles into reticle. It allows for accurate, unobtrusive assaulting points.

This MONARCH 3 provides 5 different reticles and 8 magnifications which means there is a unit intended for every single application. Believe it or not, Nikon has integrated smooth zooming control with the magnification references that you can easily see from your location. The included fast-focus eyepiece tends to make the scope incredibly easy.

This MONARCH also offers exclusive ClearCoat optical technique of Nikon which offers crystal clear pictures at all potential magnifications designed for long range precision. This unit is created to provide optimum theoretical transmission of light at which scope is effective at delivering (approximately 95%) for incredibly sharp and clear images between dusk and dawn.

Another excellent characteristic of this particular long-range tactical scope is its spring-loaded quick 0-reset turrets which give this an “infield” benefit by allowing you to definitely make the adjustments conveniently on the fly.

  • Accurate unobtrusive targeting point
  • 0 reset turrets permit quick adjustments still on the fly
  • The ClearCoat optic technique is excellent in offering utmost clarity
  • Performance-focused made with aircraft grade 30-mm aluminum
  • Most people find the side-parallax turrets hard to use
  • The factory-supplied lens covers tend to be poor quality

6. Nikon 5 BDC PROSTAFF Long Range Scope

A long-scope contribution to the enjoyment of using a rifle when this is as great as this particular Nikon 5 BDC PROSTAFF Long-range Scope then your shooting is easily taken to another level. This is a professional level unit and is designed for some major use. This is built with a variety of specialized features that you will not find as a box in a piece of long scope.

The manufacturer states that the performance, specifications, and quality of this long range scope will effortlessly satisfy the requirements of the very most challenging hunters. This Prostaff 5 long range scope is great with its several technological upgrades that fulfill the ever-increasing demands of numerous serious sportsmen. It has spring-loaded hand-turn turrets, 4 times zoom ratio as well as a newly built optical system. Not to mention, it has acquired sufficient capacity for assisting the long-range shootings and a remarkably fair field view for keeping the target in your focus.

It functions well during sighting of the targets through bushes or timber. Moreover, this is made by making use of completely multicoated optics which supports in offering good level of the light transmission. This will work flawlessly even in low-light conditions.

  • This is very intuitive
  • It includes 4 times zoom ratio
  • It includes a lifetime extended warranty
  • This is shockproof, fog proof and waterproof
  • Many find this scope’s “lens covers” ineffective to cover the lens
  • This scope could have been much better when it included a kit for mounting

7. Leupold VX Compact 2 3-9×40-mm Long Range Scope

Leupold VX Compact 2 3-9x40-mm Long-Range Scope

The last scope that we are going to review is the Leupold VX Compact 2 3-9×40-mm Long-range Scope. When it comes to dimensions, it offers a tube size of 1. “The entire body of this scope measures approximately 14” x 3.2 “x 3”, while it weighs in at 2.7 pounds.

Alternatively, it is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and also it offers a “matte-black” finishing. The structure enables it to remain stable in the course of use against the heavy recoil.

On top of that, it also offers minimal glare that makes it perfect for the tactical shooting. On the other hand, the lens includes a DiamondCoat which makes this proof against scratching. At the same time, it also uses the innovative quantum optical strategy for crisper pictures during the hunting trip.

As for the magnification, there is 3X -16X range which causes it to be perfect for the long-range shooting. Also, you can put the eyebrows in “safe hands” as it provides a “non-critical” eye relief.

With the benefits of the purchaser in mind, this scope additionally comes with Leupold Lifetime Guarantee that makes it simple to shield the worth of your buy.

  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Incredibly sturdy and can last years
  • Premium quality glass and very clear image
  • Considered as the standard one in hunting as well as for a good purpose
  • The adjustments will not be capable of handling continuous use for a long time

How To Get The Best Long Range Scope?

For committing to 4-figure amount to buy riflescope indicates that you are searching for a premium quality and exclusive product which can certainly make the hunting or shooting practice a worthwhile experience. Listed below are a few of the significant considerations which will help making a long-range scope worthwhile your investment decision.

    1. Lenses:

The lenses, also called glass, are probably the most essential feature in the rifle optic. Devoid of it, the gun item is essentially useless, especially in terms of the long-range scope. Not to mention, you require lenses which can offer you with amazingly clear see at both low and high magnifications.

This clear sharp lens comes in convenient when reading the mirage to allow accurate target area in the low magnification. This lens is exactly what it makes difference in between to $ 500 scope and $ 1000 scope. Therefore, there is a small room for bargain in terms of this feature.

    2. Body Of The Cope:

Any state-of-the-art long-range scope must be manufactured from strong and long lasting materials. The standard of the materials is additionally a significant determinant of scope’s accuracy. The best materials for the rifle optics will be aircraft-level aluminum that is well-known for its lightweight and durability.

    3. Reticle Of The Scope:

Many specialized reticles exist on the market, all of these work effectively, still what you require is a good reticle featuring hash marks or single dots spread vertically and horizontally. The measurements can be MOA or MIL but should be separated equally.

    4. Magnification Power:

Not to mention, magnification power is known as a confusing element for many starters. The part and common wrong perception is that greater “magnification power” is related to better performance. But in actuality “magnification power” is dependent considerably on your position and the shooting targets.

    5. Focal Plane:

Aside from the reticule, “focal plane” is similarly important in the target accuracy. You can select from 2 categories of the focal plane scope – 2nd “focal plane” and front “focal plane”. With the front focal-plane scopes, reticle will alter dimension with decreases on the increases in the magnification.

2nd focal plane scope, alternatively, the reticle keeps the similar size. In our viewpoint, front focal-plane scopes happen to be considerably better compared to 2nd focal plans since the dot or harsh marks never alter and they’re always 1 MIL or MOA apart that guarantees precision.

    6. Adjustment Range:

A superior scope must let you adjust the turrets on fly. It is because the long-range shooting needs adjustments in wind-age and elevation. Certain rounds, for example, the popular 308 can easily drop by over 50″ at 500-yards.

Other Important Factors:

We evaluate the factors mentioned in this article most important. As an example, you must opt for a compact scope in case you desire to keep the rifle lightweight.

A scope having night vision is additionally excellent. Top-notch weapons may need a particular scope because of its recoil that could break the incomparable scopes.


Last but not least, in this post, you checked out the best long range scopes out there for less than $1000 in 2019. Also, we took a glimpse at the guide on how to get the best one which will meet your requirements to a great extent.

While not all these long range scopes are latest additions to the most passionate gun owners and hunters, they have been listed here because they are likely to be favorites in the market or they are still valid candidates right now. In terms of making your decision exactly like with every other bit of tactical equipment, it is really about what you will be using that unit for.

The winner of this round-up review is Vortex Viper PST6-24×50 Long-range scope. It has all the best features. At the same time, it offers excellent performance which you most need in your hunting trip.

We wish that we have outlined the top options for the best long range scopes that are enough to help you make the right selection.

If we’ve forgotten any of our favorite or long range scopes, which are worthy to be listed in this article, then please inform us! We hope you enjoyed this post to a great extent. Use the comment box below to share your opinion. Also, do not forget to share this post on social media with your friends.

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