RV camping in Alaska – What you should bring along?

Alaska is like a miniature world where your adventure never ends with various outdoor activities – fishing, climbing, hunting, wildlife exploring… Its wilderness is also road- accessible and safe enough for you to explore it on your own by an RV without spending a lot of money.

While you are so excited for the next RV camping in such gorgeous and awe-inspiring wildlife in Alaska, it can be overwhelming for you to manage your packing list. That’s why we are here to make sure you don’t miss anything you needed for a perfect trip. Try this smartest way of packing for RV camping!

1.Mountain biking shoes

Alaska with record-breaking mountain peaks for any outdoor enthusiasts to conquer. But without a mountain biking shoes, your feet would be fatigued after long days on the trail.  A pair of mountain biking shoes will keep your feet protected and comfortable even when biking on rough, harsh terrains.

Another important thing to consider when picking up your biking shoes is the pedal type. A clipless pedal fixes your foot firmly onto the pedal, it’s also more secure when you strike downhill or on hard terrains. While those who prefer the freedom of controlling the pedals and feel the ground would prefer flats.

2. Net Laundry Bag


Travelling on an RV might feel like a mobile home on the road, but there might still be certain inconvenience such as lacking clean water supply for washing your clothes. A net laundry bag is an incredible tool to organize your dirty and clean laundry.

A small note is that you should choose different color-coded net bags to separate from others when travelling in a group

3. A portable power station

Via: Forbes

Even if you are a tech-savvy or not,  each camping trip uses at least four electrical devices, from essential pieces of equipment such as smartphones, light, mini refrigerator, electric kettle… to other recreational needs such as television, a speaker..etc. Therefore, you should prepare a portable power supply to keep your devices fully charged, especially in emergency situations.

A very useful tip for you is listing down all the devices you might need for your trip to estimate the total amount of power you need before considering a portable power station. (Click here to check the best models of power station for camping).

4. Campfire fork


Campfire is a so-damn-cool outdoor activity when you camp, and no one wants to miss this chance to try cooking foods right on the fire flames flickering under the night sky. Then, a campfire fork is indispensable to protect your hands and get perfect roasting meals.

You should choose those sticks with on top qualities including toughness, durability, easy to carry, and easy to clean.

5. Insect treatments

Even the most experienced campers cannot avoid unexpected insect attacks while traveling. This is why you have to prepare insects repellents and treatments.

There are various types of insects (mosquito, bee, spider, bugs…) with different levels of danger so instead of making the decision yourself, you should go to the doctor and ask for the best solution

6. Hand gloves

Hand gloves do not weight much yet give you a lot of functionality on your day trips. With a pair of multipurpose hand gloves, you can protect your hand from scratching caused by activities, heavy duties, adventures, sports… and of course, in the winter, they will keep you warm.

For frequent campers, you should consider the materials of the gloves. Are they durable, breathable, and comfortable to use? Have they included any specific functions such as waterproof, heatproof…

7. Pocket knife

A pocket versatile knife allows you to handle a variety of tasks like fire starters, can openers, tweezers, scissors, nail file, screwdriver, fish scaler, sporks, magnifying glasses, etc. These small superb tools will surely help you save a lot of time when you camp.

8. Board game

Camping is a great chance to bring your family members and friends together. Then, a board game – Why not? There will be no way that can bring you more fun than it. How amazing a match can entertain everyone when it rains and cozy on up your outdoor adventures without wasting any electricity.

Many people might think that RV camping is luxury and wasting, but actually, the cost can be eliminated to fit your household budget.

Now you can rent an RV car with certain facilitates for several days trip and it can save a great deal of money for you. The average rental rate for a small RV is about $205 a day. Other expenses you have to afford are fuel, camping pieces of equipment, food and camping site fee.

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