Four Benefits Of Fishing With A Surplus Military Inflatable Boat

Although they were originally designed for daring rescues in the most remote locations, surplus military inflatable boats can also become a valuable recreational tool. Their combined durability and portability make them an excellent resource for fishermen, particularly for beginners who are concerned about the maintenance and expenses of a larger boat. If you want to escape the shoreline without the hassles of moorage fees and barnacle scraping, consider these four benefits of fishing with inflatable boats instead.

Simplifying Your Introduction to Boating and Fishing

Military inflatable boats tend to be smaller in size and easier to handle than commercial fishing boats, and their portability means that you will not need to worry about where you’ll store it when you are not on the water. This can be a relief for new fishermen, who simply want to go fishing without worrying about the technical details. If you discover that you enjoy fishing from a boat, you may eventually decide to upgrade to a larger model for saltwater expeditions. Otherwise, most military-grade inflatable boats should be more than enough for your fishing needs.

Decreasing Your Storage and Transportation Costs

When broken down, an inflatable boat will fit into a few boxes, with some additional room needed for the floor lining. This space requirement is significantly less than that of a standard boat, and it can save you the trouble of either storing it at a port, in your driveway or through a self-storage service. You will also be free to take the boat wherever you want to go without needing to rent or buy a trailer, allowing you to test multiple lakes and shorelines whenever you feel the inclination.

Ensuring Durability and Navigability

Because these boats were initially developed with military applications in mind, they offer state-of-the-art technology meant to navigate tight spaces and withstand all kinds of abuse. You will not need to worry about rogue fish hooks in a boat designed to weather rocky shoals and violent storms. Similarly, the need for precise navigation under dangerous conditions means that military inflatable boats are easily maneuvered in most conditions and tight spaces, though they are typically not intended for use on the open ocean and should stick to shallower waters.

Balancing Flexibility and Power

As a fisherman, you will probably want to visit as many new fishing spots as possible, while still having the power you need to get out on the water in any weather and catch fish without tipping over in the process. Surplus military boats are, in many cases, the right balance between flexibility and horsepower for a casual fisherman, and their portability means they can be stored away for months or even years, as needed. With so much in their favor, it is not surprising that these versatile military boats are in high demand for a second career as fishing vessels.

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