Long Distance Bike Trail

5 Tips Before Taking Your First Long Distance Bike Trail

Long Distance Bike Trail

Going beyond your comfort zones and unleashing yourself with a new adventure is an excellent way to help yourself grow mentally. Taking your first long distance bike trail is not an easy decision to make. Much more with the preparations and the planning needed to compose yourself with your first ever bike trail. Here are some tips to take before jumping yourself with such a thrilling adventure.

1. Find The Right Bike

Since this is your first long distance bike trail, you don’t want unnecessary things to happen. Finding the right bike to use on this long distance trip is essential to meet your primary needs. Taking such a long distance trip may take you six hours or even longer on the road. Thus, preparing the right bike by considering the proper height and the overall performance is necessary.

●     Consider The Size

Finding the right size for your bike is one of the essentials in finding the right bike for you. In finding the right size for your bike, you need to consider your height to start with. To do this, get off your shoes and stand on the ground. Then, measure your height from the ground up to your crotch area.

●     Know Your Bike Type

There are different types of bikes which you can choose. In choosing, make a thoughtful consideration on the usage or planned purpose. Road bikes are perfect for racing, endurance, and touring. Mountain bikes are most fittable for rocky trails and cross-country roads. Hybrid bikes can do good in moderately dirty, muddy, and rugged trails.

2. Know Your Physical Condition

Taking such a long distance ride needs an appropriate physical condition to match up to such a trip. The mountain could beat you up, and the road may burn you down. Thus, being honest with your physical condition is the best favor you can do for yourself. It is best to visit your doctor for a physical examination and to figure out your shape. Watching for your diet and exercising before the most anticipated event is also an excellent way to prepare yourself.

3. Pack The Essentials

Preparing the things you will need in your long distance bike trail is also a thing you need to do. It is best to pack light whenever you are going out on a trip. But packing less does not mean not packing enough. To do this, you need to prioritize the things you needed the most. You may list down all your essentials to help you better prepare.

●     Clothes

Preparing your wardrobe is indeed on the priority list of the things you needed to make. This may include bike shorts, t-shirts, cycling gloves, socks, shorts, rain jackets, shoes, hat, and underwears. Try to consider the duration and how long you will be away. This will help you with how much clothes you needed.

●     Food and Water

Preparing your supplies especially for long distance trip is also essential. Staying hydrated while on the road should also be considered. Taking bites for every 30 minutes is necessary to keep consistency on your energy while traveling. Depending on the level of heat, you should never forget to drink about one bottle of water per hour. There are some water bottle manufacturers which you can browse on to guide you which specific bottles you will be needing.

●     Emergency Kit

Preparing for an emergency kit in times of trouble and unexpected events is also a thing to consider. Your emergency kit should include an LED flashlight, foldable knife, insect repellent, toilet papers, medicine, ID, and cash. This will help you when encountered situations that need immediate actions. Taking a long distance trip should never let your guards down especially for urgent plights and extreme conditions.

4. Plan Your Route

Familiarizing yourself with your bike touring route and knowing your day by day itinerary is essential. You must know the traffic, the reasonable nightly accommodations, meal sites, and other more. Researching your route will help you get on your smooth travel and make your first bike trail a success.

5. Train For Your Bike Tour

Taking a long distance bike trail for the very first time demands effort and hard work on your part. You should not underestimate such event by indulging in it unprepared. Training your body before your long distance trip will better help you in making a smooth trip. Remember that traveling in your bike is far different than going in your car. Keeping your stamina and physical endurance in high power throughout the way is one of the things you need to focus on.

The Bottom Line

With these five helpful tips to guide you on your first ever long distance bike trail, you are now ready to go. Don’t forget to keep track on your checklist and to double check everything you needed before moving on. Do yourself a favor and go beyond more of the things that are necessary and be abrupt for any possible crisis. But most importantly, remember always to have fun and make the best out of it.

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