Hanging Out With Your Dog Outdoors

Hanging Out With Your Dog Outdoors

Hanging Out With Your Dog Outdoors

Like you, your pet needs regular exercise to be happy and healthy, and to stay out of trouble. If you have a senior pet, one that is out of condition, or sickly with age-related illnesses like arthritis, speak to your vet for advice on the amount of outdoor activity that would be beneficial to your pet. Outdoor activities tire your pet out in a good way, so he will show less disparaging behavior. Just make sure your dog is up to date on his flea and tick treatments before going out.

Outdoor activities also promote the secretion of serotonin, a chemical that helps to prevent depression and anxiety. Therefore, you have even more reason why you should engage your pet in outdoor activities. Not sure what outdoor activities to do with your pet? Here is a list of things you two can do while hanging out with your dog outdoors.


Most dogs enjoy biking with their parents. It’s usually dangerous to let your dog run freely beside you, so consider buying a bicycle attachment that will keep him close to you but not too close to the bike that he would get hurt.

Alternatively, consider dog carrier backpacks or a dog bicycle trailer for your pet. If you prefer that your pet runs beside you, take regular breaks and allow your pet to rest. Dogs work very hard to keep up, so a regular break will ensure he does not collapse due to heat stroke.


If you enjoy camping and would like your pet to come along, consider a pup tent. It’s lightweight and you can carry it wherever you go. In addition, you can stake it into the ground. However, do not buy one if your pet is a chewer. It’s meant for well-mannered pets.

Visit Dog Parks

A dog park is a favorite of people who live in urban areas. A dog park is a right place for a leash-bound pet to play and roam around with the parent and meet other dogs. A dog park is ideal for well-socialized pets and pet-savvy parents.

If you would love your pet to enjoy unlimited exercising, take him to a large dog park with a strong fence because an excited dog can take off for good. Unfortunately, a dog park can be a disappointment, especially if a pet parent doesn’t clean up after their pets. Go to a dog park that offers poop bags.  

Play Fetch

Dogs derive pleasure and fun from simple activities like the game of fetch. A hound and a few other breeds do not really get excited over a game of fetch. However, each dog is unique. The game of fetch is good for your pet for three reasons. Your pet gets to exercise; it strengthens the bond between pet and parent and teaches your pet the habit of coming back to the owner.

Go for a Jog

If you have a somewhat athletic dog, jogging would make a lot of sense. Dogs are skilled runners and they make good jogging partners if they are in the same state as you. Unfortunately, a mismatch would be painfully exhausting for everyone. Ensure that your pet’s temperament makes him a suitable running partner before you go out for a jog.
Speak to your vet before you start. For a good jogging experience, avoid using a regular leash unless you want your arm yanked out of its socket. Instead, find a hands-free leash that links to your waist.


Dogs love swimming, at least most of them.  Swimming is a low impact activity, so it will not stress your pet’s joints, especially if he is a senior. Swimming works all body the muscles the same way. Although not every dog is a natural swimmer, many learn and come to enjoy it.

It’s perfectly fine for your pet to swim in a chlorinated pool, but ensure you are there to supervise him at all times. Sometimes chlorine can harm your pet’s hair the same way it would damage your hair but it would not make your dog ill if he drank some of the pool’s water.

Keep your pet away from the ocean. There are all kinds of things in there like jellyfish, sharks, and riptides waiting to pounce on your dog.

Final Word

Outdoor activities are good for your pet’s health in general. There are many things you can do with your pet from biking or hiking to camping, to visiting dog parks to jogging or playing fetch. The list is quite long. Find something that your pets would love to do and indulge him.

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