Best Women's Road Bikes Under 500

Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 500 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Women's Road Bikes Under 500
Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 500

Best women’s road bikes are widely used nowadays. If you’ve wanted to purchase road bicycle just for fitness purpose or fun of town commuting activities or simply as cheaper approach of traveling towards college or office, it’s possible to purchase a good road bike devoid of cutting deeper into the pocket.

Here in this post, I have outlined 5 ideal road bikes that are under 500$ and that you will fit with the budget. Continue reading and discover the best one for the biking requirements.

Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 500 – TOP 5

1 – Giordano 1.6 Libero Road Bike

Women’s Libero 1.6 Road Bike via Giordano is the one well made, Italian empowered road bicycle that’s handcrafted for optimum strength and even possesses a few fantastic features for satisfying the biking needs.

Frame of any bike is on the list of main features for considering since it ties bike altogether. An excellent frame is the sign of amazing bicycle. Realizing this fact, here Giordano 100% handmade frame of the road bicycle Libero 1.6 with top quality “aluminum alloy” that’s not only light in weight but as well has good sturdiness and strength.

The 24 lbs of this bike play a role in keeping its weight lower and ensures outstanding maneuverability and comfort. A compact bike is simple to move around and control.

Moreover, durability of this particular bicycle here is something for writing about. This can get by abuses of various types of riding and roads conditions and continues to be in 1 piece.

Okay, one of attractions of the Libero 1.6 bike Giordano is that this comes in a few different sizes for accommodating lots of riders from shorter to taller, no matter what’s your height, here you can surely find the size of the bicycle.

Price range of this specific road bicycle is determined by the size your chosen size.

  • Appealing masculine design, Italian inspired
  • Different color options and Size available
  • Extremely lightweight but super strong
  • It has cheaper quality pedal; that’s better for replacing with the quality one


2 – Haanjenn Tero Diamondback Women’s Road Bike

“Diamond Bicycles” is praised for manufacturing amazing quality bicycles designed for kids, women, and men. The All-Road Haanjenn Tero Bike is not different from other bicycles. Haanjenn Tero here is specially made for females and offers an extremely pleasant riding geometry. Other attributes of the bike are additionally praiseworthy and notable.

As it is women’s bicycle, the Diamondback ensured that outlook of the Haanjenn Tero will be impressive and this catches everyone’s consideration.

Considering fact that, Haanjenn Tero here is women’s bicycle, the Diamondback mounted Shimano Claris 16 Speed drivetrain that provides exact volume of gears required for daily riding activities.

Basically, safety is constantly the field of worry for women when buying a new bicycle. Yet with Haanjenn Tero Diamondback, you do not need to get worried about the safety measures since this bike arrives loaded with the “mechanical” disc brakes which provide ample stopping power just to its rider and guarantees maximum safety as well.

  • Comes in different sizes to support different riders
  • Comes in 85% “pre-assembled” for effortless assembly
  • Feminine, attractive outlook
  • Wonderful customer services
  • It has no color alternatives; available in only one color


3 – Giordano Acciao Libero Road Bike

The “Libero Acciao” Road Bike provided by Giordano is a fantastic bicycle that all road bike enthusiasts will enjoy riding. Particularly made for sensitive physic of females, this entry-level, quality bicycle includes many amazing features as well as delivers many incredible performances.

Although Libero Acciao here is entry level lady’s bicycle, the Giordano did not compromise with quality and thus constructed women’s precise frame of the bike with intricate welding and higher tensile steel.

The steel tends to make the frame sturdy and strong and thus provides extended durability. Also, you are able to ride on the rough roads but the bike will be still intact and will not disappoint you.

Women favor easy to utilize gearing system since women riders get it tough to shuffle in between the gears to get ideal one for ride.

The reliable braking system will be essential for the women’s bike for keeping the petite females body sound and safe.

These super sturdy brakes provide optimum stopping power as well as help its rider to arrive at complete halt just in seconds.

  • The eye-catching feminine design just for ladies
  • Includes dual tube “water-bottle” mounts
  • Rear and front pull brakes to get maximum safety
  • Women-specified geometry for secure riding position
  • It must be assembled through the professionals


4 – Women’s 700c Tour-De-Cure Road Bike

Built with durability in mind, this Tour-de-Cure Road Bike for Women is ideal for rider trying to find healthier lifestyle. When it is a lesser-recognized brand for numerous, in biking world, this road bike is recognized to be the one of best.

Together with “Vitesse” racing tires, you will definitely seem like pro when riding the bike. Also, you are able to put up speed on the bike, and you will never ever lose control.

Tour-de-Cure features 21-speed choices with the Shimano gears. Additionally, you can fall in speed effortlessly when required or get speed effortlessly when needed.

It is very simple to assemble. Probably you will not have to get worried about bringing the bike to shop after you have assembled it.

The bike has “aluminum diamond” frame with front side suspension fork. It is lightweight yet the particular design on frame gives this durability like none other.

  • It already incorporates kickstand that is remarkably not common feature
  • The visible wheelset tends to make the bike an attractive and unique look
  • The front “suspension” fork can dramatically lessen feel of the bumps on road
  • Its pedals are manufactured from plastic, thus they will break quickly if not correctly used


5 – Eurobike Eurxc550 Women’s Road Bicycle With Dual-Disc Brake

One of ideal parts of Eurobike XC550 will be that it is a budget allowed road bike which looks like high quality road bike.

Its overall style, through handlebars, to seat and even the wheels can make it appear to be extremely expensive bike. Nevertheless, it might be bought for half of the budget!

Standout attributes of Eurobike are Shimano 21 speed shifting system along with braking system. This speed system will be better compared to most other bikes pointed out on list and can give you more versatility and control when it involves hills, speed and more. Along with shifting system, the brakes tend to be set of double disc brakes.

On the whole, this Eurobike is an impressive “entry-level” road bike just for beginners which looks great, functions relatively well plus has some nice features which you rarely notice on this price tag’s bikes.

The only actual downside is that its performance is not very up there along with other bikes, since it is slightly heavier and build quality is not pretty as good. Regardless of this, it is still an excellent bike and in this price, it’s a steal indeed.

  • It’s durable
  • It looks terrific and attractive
  • This bike is inexpensive
  • It has durable frame
  • The break isn’t strong enough since it will squeak


Buying Guides Of Best Women’s Road Bikes!

  • Saddle:

The saddle comfort will be highly important to the female riders/cyclists. Since the female riders are likely to ride just in upright position, well, wrong saddle can deliver sit bone discomfort. While those just who sit on an intense position (usually on drops) may complain of smooth tissue compression.

  • Sizes:

The bike brands can reduce measurements of bike elements- typically fork and geometry angle of bike to small sizes to fit woman body frame.

  • Standover Height:

For reducing standover height, specific female bikes include “sloping” top tube. The feature is far more applicable just to mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

  • Gearing:

Many female-targeted bikes can have semi compact (that is 52/36) or compact (that is 50/34) chainset with wider ratio cassette (from 11-32 or even 11-28), this provides far more gear choices and might be rather helpful in hills.

  • Cranks:

Generally, women have short leg length compared to man and thereby, females’ specific bike must have lowered crank length. It will allow woman riders just to get most from the pedal stroke, avoid toe overlap along with front wheel.

  • Stem:

Stems are designed from ‘ground up’ as women have short reach thus the stems tend to be shorter. Though this decreases the reach, here smaller stems will affect its handling.

  • Handlebars:

The bike handlebars must ideally associate with shoulder width. As average female has narrow shoulders, therefore, the woman specific bikes can have the narrow handlebars having wound in the shifters to fit smaller hands.



Definitely, road biking can be a fascinating activity that really improves health through engaging your joints and legs. You will meet new individuals as you check out nature at slower speed in comparison to other racing automobiles. Having ideal road bike can make cycling a unique and pleasant outdoor activity.

Choosing one of above-discussed road bikes offers you speed and efficiency and even liveliness.

Time has come to announce the winner of this round-up review and the winner is Giordano Acciao Libero Road Bike.

It includes feminine design and also has dual tube “water-bottle” mounts. It also comes with Rear and front pull brakes that give maximum safety.

For the price, you can enjoy wonderful services whenever you cycle. To tell the truth, they are excellent road bikes designed for experienced as well as starter cyclists.

Now, it’s time to share your opinions with us in the comment box below. Also, don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends on social media.

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