Best Lightweight Womens Hiking Boots

Best Lightweight Women’s Hiking Boots – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Lightweight Womens Hiking Boots

Trying to find the best lightweight women’s hiking boots?

To tell the truth, sometimes the old sneakers simply will not cut this but the clunky boots for hiking are very hefty for the light footed quest.

Need solution? Go for lightweight hiking boots.

If you do not know already, a lightweight boot for hiking is the ideal in-between while you require adventure boots less troublesome than other boots, but durable, water resistant and more supportive than the old plain tennis boots.

They are additionally easy and comfortable to move, but still provide protection wherever you need this, cutting all unneeded fluff out which is only needed for more challenging terrain.

We are going to include everything you should know about buying the best pair of boots, then we are going to reveal to you a few options which meet all these criteria. Finally, we will reveal our top picks.

You cannot make a mistake with these choices, even though you simply choose the ones which suit the style the most- if it is on this particular list, you are getting an excellent pair in any case.

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes For Women’s Reviews!

1 – Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Women’s R-GTX-W

Adidas has already made their identity in the market of running shoe, but their boots for hiking bear minor similarity to the light in weight shoes which made them famous.

At 12 ounces, this Adidas outdoor Terrex Swift Womens R-GTX-W is a little bit heavy for “low cut” hiking boots.

However, they provide outstanding grip, thanks to hostile tread as well as a sole which is flexible sufficient for scrambling.

They are also pretty durable, despite the fact that they look like a sport sneaker at the first glance.

Such boots are water-resistant enough to cross puddles on trail but do not expect to remain dry while fording a steady stream (they are low-tops).

On the flip side, they are quite breathable that is excellent if you are utilizing them for the trail running as well as working a “heavy-sweat” up.

The “speed-lock” lacing system functions like drawstring that makes taking these off and on easy and fast.

However, it will rob you of flexibility which comes with lacing the boots strategically to protect troublesome areas of the foot.

This Adidas outdoor Terrex Swift Womens R-GTX-W is a sturdy option for hikers who need a boot which will allow them to go hiking.

  • Water-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Outstanding traction
  • It is heavy
  • The speed lock laces are not for everyone


2 – Salewa WS Wildfire Women’s Vent Approach Boot

This Salewa WS Wildfire Women’s Vent Approach Boot is an utmost approach boot with an extremely breathable mesh ballistic upper as well as no lining.

This is particularly engineered for the approaches, bumpy mountain and technical trekking paths.

This Salewa WS Wildfire Vent Approach provides outstanding climbing performance due to its Approach EVO Vibram Tech outsole with the Megagrip compound. Additionally, a hardwearing but sticky rubber compound used in the rock boots which offers a whopping 30% more grip.

Patented SALEWA technology ensures a precise fit: the “Exa-Shell” grid structure functions together with Climbing Lacing that stretches right to toe for an increasingly concise fit, therefore you can absolutely be sure that your foot will not shift or slip when you’re scrambling slick boulders up.

Last but not least, 3F System offers firm heel and ankle support, therefore, rolled ankles are not on agenda.

  • Bright colors
  • Lacing goes completely to your toe
  • Excellent for “trad” scrambling and climbing
  • It is not waterproof


3 – KEEN Voyageur Women’s Hiking Boot

Perfect to beat the trails in the mid-version style, this KEEN Voyageur Women’s Hiking Boot is classic. Many ladies gravitate towards this due to the comfort and ease it offers. This has a very clear stability of mesh and leather on upper.

It is not completely water-resistant, but can easily endure some downpour as the long sneaker doesn’t get soaked fully.

With the exclusive built-in shanks, this Voyageur guarantees a safe ride. Along with Metatomical foot structure, it is guaranteed to cushion your foot and assist avoid injuries. Being lightweight is one more bonus of this boot, saving a few ounces in the baggage.

Needless to say, this KEEN Voyageur Women’s Hiking Boot is most suitable for walking and hiking. You can even take this along for the trail runs (though there are superior options available) as it will cradle the ankle to give a secure ride.

However, the “wide-box” front style doesn’t work effectively for climbs. Adhere to fairly flat areas for getting the best from this boot.

  • Toe guard
  • Excellent price
  • Outstanding arch support
  • Doesn’t have vibrant colors for women


4 – Merrell Moab Ventilator Women’s Hiking Boot

The materials which t Merrell Moab Ventilator Women’s Hiking Boots include are leather and fabric that make the boot extremely durable and breathable simultaneously.

This boot is accessible in 3 different colors that are Blush/Boulder, Bungee cord, and Periwinkle/Grey, for me, which are all stylish and attractive.

Besides these qualities, a very important factor which I really like about the boot is it can easily handle any areas, even the rough terrains, and still, you can be assured that it can stop you from sliding.

If you’re trying to find a very snug hiking boot, I highly suggest this boot. This has a smooth plush cushioning on its collar and tongue.

On top of that, this hiking boot features breathable mesh that prevents the feet from becoming too hot. Additionally, it dries quickly after contact with water. Undoubtedly, I can claim that this boot is the best hiking boot for ladies.

  • Sturdy
  • Breathable
  • Eye-catching
  • Keeps your feet dry
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Very small in the size
  • Needs “break in” period


5 – Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Low BDry Women’s Boot

I really like every piece of this boot for its durable look. It is a famous brand which has already hiked on numerous mountains and even is a perfect accouterment for hiking adventure.

However, I would happily wear this boot the whole day simply for the amazing love of the comfortable feeling.

This Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Low BDry Women’s Boot is made out of Nubuck leather coupled with abrasion proof textile for rugged and regular use. This is water-resistant and arrives breathable to maintain the feet dry.

Midsoles and EVA footbeds provide for padding while the nylon shanks provide you protection and stability. Extremely hostile lugs on sticky outsoles offer you exceptional traction in all the weather conditions. At the same time, a molded “nylon-shank” aids in stability.

This Oboz Low BDry Sawtooth Hiking Boot fit better compared to any low hiking boot for women. The shank is more durable compared to others, with tread providing more traction regardless of the terrain. However, with Oboz you’ll beat every single terrain with minor effort and yet wish for more.

  • Water-resistant
  • It is extremely durable
  • It offers comfortable feel throughout the day
  • Color variety is limited
  • May feel very wide for a few


Best Lightweight Women’s Hiking Boots Buying Guide!

1. Grip:

Where the hiking boots stand out is when you’re hiking over specialized terrain which is steep, wet and rocky. The aggressive patterns of tread on the most boots for hiking will offer you confidence to walk over this kind of terrain.

The vibram soles usually are a trendy feature amongst the hiking shoes to offer the extra traction and grip needed. Of course, you will find different designs in soles which make some superior to others.

2. Insole:

Insole is going to be an important factor in buying a great fit in the hiking boots. Less expensive boots have a tendency to include flat insoles which provide minor support.

You will be happy to know that is can be effortlessly changed by switching them with an excellent insole offering the support you’ll need. In case you require more “arch-support” or more padding under your heel, it is a simple fix.

3. Toe Safety:

A cover on the “front-side” of boot will offer protection for the toes while you kick a boulder or rock inevitably. This thick rubber will certainly save the toes if you do it.

Keen Targhee boots are an ideal example of such boot offering a “toe-cap” with optimum safety. If you do not think about hiking on rocky terrain then you can possibly forgo this particular feature because it adds weight to boots.

4. Breathability:

Sad to say, as we have more waterproofing within the boots we must give up something. And that little something is the breathability.

Exactly the same aspects which make boot water-resistant also make this less breathable. It means as the feet sweat, moisture has harder time evaporating from the boot.

It becomes particularly important throughout the summer season. The more stable and heavier “full-grain” leather boots are usually least breathable as well as because of this; your feet can have a harder time shedding the sweat and heat.

5. Lacing:

Possibly the most ignored part of hiking boot is “lacing-setup” of boot. Less expensive boots often have a bad lacing setup which is not just harder to modify to have a good fit but additionally not remain adjusted as well as loosen up while you hike.

6. Balance:

The key goal of a hiking boot is definitely to offer protection and stability for the feet. To deliver that balance, a shank normally is used. It is a rigid plastic piece between the outsole and insole (around arch of the foot) of boot which provides the boot the stiffness and strength.

The more technical and difficult the terrain is, the more stiffness and support you require in the boot. A stronger boot will lead to reduced calf fatigue. An increasingly steady boot usually provides the price of extra weight.

7. Waterproofing:

Each of the boots for hiking on this list is water-resistant and it will protect the feet under many circumstances of puddles, mud or rain. The most famous approach to waterproofing is the Gore-Tex that not just offers waterproofing but additionally gives the boots breathability too.

If you just hike in the dry weather, after that you may need to skip water-resistant boots as well as enjoy the additional breathability thus your feet can dry by allowing the sweats evaporate.

You can also watch this short video to get an in-depth idea of picking the best hiking boots.


Women, your options in great backpacking and hiking boots are improving yearly. Luckily boots makers have quickly responded to the growing needs of all the hikers in the recent years. Now we have many selections.

Keep in mind that heavy, tall hiking boots will take quite a while to crack in. They are prone to blister. They will tire the legs out soon after walking in these. Needless to say, while choosing the best lightweight women’s hiking boots, you have to consider some important factors.

The winner of this round-up review is Adidas outdoor Terrex Swift Womens R-GTX-W. It has all the excellent features you need for the best hiking experience. However, you can make your own choice as well.

No matter if you want a set of lightweight hiking boots for women or even a set of water-resistant boots which engulfs the lower leg and ankle in a defensive cocoon; you can easily find this on our comprehensive list.

You should definitely compare your requirements against all features of boots to prevent making an error when purchasing. Keep in mind, every hiker includes different preferences, therefore, go ahead as well as choose freely!

Ensure to share your valuable opinions with us. You can reach us through the comment box below. We will be happy to see you share this article on social media.

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