Best Family Tents for Camping


After receiving a few questions regarding which tents I would recommend, I would have thought it would be a good idea for you. Though, I do not have a whole lot of tent camping anymore, I still have a couple of tents, and still marvel at the new tents that are available today.

A few months ago to a buddy of mine purchased at Sportz SUV 84000. I was all too happy to show it to you and point out all the great features.

I do not think it’s a very good idea for you, so it makes your SUV a part of the living space. This is a nice feature for you, it’s easier to keep track of your chances of getting stored in your SUV. With the tent area measuring right at 10 ‘x 7 “, it is roomy enough to accommodate 5 or 6 people. The frame is made of sturdy steel and fiberglass pole structure. I also liked the removable screen and porch like that with the tent.

The second tent that I would like to mention is another one that I saw being used at the campground. The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent. I was very impressed at how fast the campers were able to get it setup. After doing this, I found that this measure measures 14 ‘long x 8’ wide and a little over 6 ‘high. That is more than enough to accommodate 8 people. It also comes with taped seams and an exclusive WeatherTec ™ System that is guaranteed to keep you dry. The material is two times the thickness of the standard material used in the manufacture of other tents, making it more resistant to rips and tears.

When asked how they would rate both agreed on an 8 out of 10. Their only complaint was with “T Doors” instead of “D Doors”.

The final tent that I will mention today is the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Family Dome Tent. A co-working of mine for one of these tents off of craigslist. Instead of using it for camping, she is in her yard for her kids to play in. Apparently it measures 18 ‘x 10’ and is over 6 ‘high in the center which gives the kids plenty of room to keep dry. She said that it was very easy to set up and that it has two large mesh winds that can be opened for air movement. She also uses it when divider to separate the kids when need be.

Other features include two “D-Style” doors, polyethylend door, mud mats and an Stow-n-Go duffle system for easy setup and take down.

When asked how she would rate her, she replied, “I can not wait.” Her hesitation being one of the poles was when she got it. When reminded that she did not buy it, she said that the pole was probably one of the first ones, and that it should not be possible to be bent.

In conclusion, there are many tents out there to choose from. Each brand / style trying to offer something that their competitors do not. I know some campers who like to upgrade to a new age every year, where I can not wait for a long time. The best advise I can give to the check out the item before purchasing. Something that makes it easier to make a purchase, or to check it out.

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