Best Cut On Contact Broadheads

Best Cut On Contact Broadheads – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Cut On Contact Broadheads
Best Cut On Contact Broadheads

Broadheads have become the leading debate among the bow hunters apart from exactly what is the best bow. The 2 key differences in the broadheads are the mechanical blade and fixed blade. There exists this endless debate that the mechanical heads – because of the moving components are vulnerable to failure sooner or later. You need the Best Cut On Contact Broadheads.

Stories of the blades are properly not opening or even busting off on the impact through the hunting magazines and internet. The tried and tested broadhead always looks to be the fixed blades. While their design suggests that they’re more dependable, fixed blade broadheads may cause numerous new bow hunters lots of problems in tuning as well as shooting with their bows. Therefore what is the “best broadheads” for your budget in 2018? Go through this guide and discover.

Let’s start now. After over 53 hrs of study, including meeting with two specialists and investing 10 hrs testing 25 famous broadheads, I discovered the best broadheads 2018.

Ultimately, I discovered something which would go well with my needs although it happened to me personally that I was not the merely one who could be experiencing the same difficulties I did. Exactly what I want you to keep in mind as you surf my site is I do not work in the business, therefore, the reviews I listed here are according to the real users those who are satisfied with the products.

You will find a wide variety of products that you can purchase today, and here I have evaluated 4 of the perfect options. Buyers have to be cautious on the way they invest their cash on these items.


Best Cut On Contact Broadheads – top 4


1 – G5 Outdoors Striker 100-Grain 1-1 / 16 “Cut Broadheads

The 1st product on this list is G5 Outdoors Striker. While evaluating the Striker to Montec, we found that there’re practically no differences regarding weight and the cutting capability.

However, the major difference between the 2 models is that often this Striker offers a bit broader head and larger cutting diameter, which means that it will do a bit more harm than Montec.

This G5 Outdoor Striker 100-grain broadhead offers a cutting size of 1 1/8 inches. Having its “cut on the contact” structure, this broadhead will penetrate the thick-skinned moderate to big game animals having minimal frictions to blades as well as kill them efficiently and quickly. The “cutting diameter” is in close proximity to the industry average, offering hunter with a great stability of penetration level and a big enough wounded for leaving a “blood-trail” to ensure that the prey can be followed through challenging terrain.

  • Long lasting construction
  • Light and portable design
  • Exceptional locking system
  • Analyzed for spin to get greater accuracy
  • Bigger cutting diameter will cause more damage
  • Will not be accurate in the long range
  • Maybe delicate sometimes and crack if mishandled
  • Wound doesn’t produce lots of blood and makes target hard to track


2 –  3-Pk. Killzone 100 -Gr. New Archery Products Cut-On-Contact 2 “Broadheads

The Killzone may be one of the top mechanical broadheads made ever before. This Killzone is extremely considered to be one the top broadheads intended for deer because of a straightforward blade system. The pressure of the impact forces the front side of blade beyond retention clip, revealing cutting edges. You should definitely replace the screws and retention clips after five impacts.

This is one of the most effective mechanical broadheads ever has been produced by NAP. It is made similar to a tank (crossbow and regular versions) and depends on NAP’s innovative “Spring Clip” retention technique to maintain the blades too closed in the flight – no sleeves or bands required.

The KillZone produces incredibly broad slap-cut entry injuries which can be nearly two times as broad as the projected 2 “cutting diameter, based upon the position of deer while the broadhead strikes the mark. Excellent quality command on the blade sharpness, as well as the durable construction, has granted me to reuse the heads more often than once.

  • Exclusive spring-clip structure
  • It has “Bone crushing” Trophy Tip
  • Disastrous 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Two-blade back-deploying broadhead
  • Doesn’t make much blood trail


3 – Bloodsport Grave Digger Broadhead-Cut-On-Contact 100-Gr

This Gravedigger is definitely a hybrid broadhead in the genuine perception of the phrase. The “cross-opening” design of the blade greatly decrees the energy required to spread out the blades in comparison to conventional “over-the-top” mechanicals available on the marketplace. With its unique fixed-blade setting, this Gravedigger can easily be hit as a 1 “fixed primary blade with 1/2” bleeders by simply tightening “set screw” on kickout blades.

On the other hand, mechanical blades tend to be sharpened up to the level, permitting them to permeate the hide as well as deploying inside devoid of sacrificing the kinetic energy which is lost with some other inferior mechanical broadheads. Featuring a trademarked blade-retention mechanism, Gravedigger blades remains closed in the flight, however, open on the entry – all the time. This hybrid broadhead can be described as no-fail alternative for every single bow hunter, providing you the finest of both spheres.

  • Fixed blade setting
  • No O-rings or rubber bands
  • It features “bone splitting” chisel tip
  • 1-inch fixed as well as 1-3/4-inch cross-opening bent mechanical blades
  • Copyrighted blade-retention mechanism keeps the blades closed till impact
  • The materials used are not too robust


4 – Wasp Sharpshooter Cut-On-Contact 100-Gr Broadhead

You will find many choices available on the market in terms of broadheads. Then Why not pick one which is manufactured for you? This Wasp SharpShooter Broadhead is exclusively engineered and designed for the traditional bow hunters.

Recurve and Longbowshooters will take pleasure in “cut on the contact” Blade-Locking mechanism. The stainless-steel forward portion aligns the primary blade with steel ferrule. Forget about out of alignment blades or bad arrow flight.

This Sharpshooter 100-Grain Broadhead includes a 1-inch cutting diameter having 0.040-inch main blades as well as 0.027 “-inch bleeder blades. with bleeder blades.

  • 040-inch main blade
  • 1-inch cutting diameter
  • 027-inch bleeder blades
  • Industry level 8-32 thread
  • 100-grain (Bleeder-Blades weigh in at 12 grains)
  • Features “Cut on the contact” Blade-Locking mechanism
  • We didn’t find any cons


Buying Guide For The Best Broadhead

How To Select The Best Cut On Contact Broadhead?

In this part, we are going to present you how to select the best broadhead to utilize with the arrows.

1. Weight Of The Prey:

The form of broadhead to utilize relies on exactly what prey is you going to hunt on. In terms of fixed-blade broadheads, they do best whenever utilized to fire at the prey below 50 lbs. On the other hand, mechanical broadhead is for the prey over 50 lbs.

2. The Blade Count:

It is already proven that the greater the blade, the higher the “cutting diameter” is. Having a “blade count” of 3 or 4, the possibilities of the “hitting tissue” are higher and blood level gushing out is going to be larger several times. Blood trail is significant when you finally fire the arrow and it hits the prey.

3. Weight Of The Broadhead:

Once you have selected the type of broadhead you discover suitable, so next would be to investigate if the arrow shaft weight and combined broadhead are appropriate for your crossbow or compound bow.

4. Materials:

Needless to say, the materials which the broadhead is manufactured from are vital. They have to be durable, tough and will not dull easily. Most of the broadheads are manufactured from aluminum or carbon steel.

For the broadheads manufactured from carbon, they are possibly stainless steel or coated. Carbon steel always has been reputed for their durability and sharpness although they are notorious to be frequently sharpened to maintain the razor blades as well.

5. Price:

For any product, the cost of it always is the ultimate factor to choose to proceed in buying this or not. It is a truth that the greater the cost, the superior the level of quality it offers.

Safety Guidelines While Using The Broadhead

  • One key feature of all the high-quality broadheads is the sharpness. In contrast to bullets, the broadheads intense blood vessels resulting in death through hemorrhaging of animal. For that reason, the danger of hunter injury is higher from all these “razor sharp” broadheads. Listed below are some tips to make sure that the broadheads are utilized safely and correctly.
  • Make use of a wrench particularly made to shelter “razor sharp” blades when securing broadhead to arrow shaft. Devoid of this wrench, even a small mistake can lead to serious injury.
  • Always sharpen the broadheads by ensuring that the movements aren’t toward your hands or body.
  • Cover the broadheads while carrying your hunting gear. Every time you move the hunting equipment from your home to car or perhaps from the car to hunting site, most probably you risk injuries if the broadheads are noticeable.
  • Find all the components of broadhead at the time of field-dressing a prey. Loose parts which are lost in the game may cause injuries if extreme care isn’t practiced.

Final Words:

When you’re thinking of hunting, there exists a lot to take into account. Everything you purchase can have an effect on how you execute when you are out there for the prey. All the choices on our list are excellent, but we would need to point out that we prefer the G5 Outdoors Striker 100-Grain Broadheads most. It appears to carry out everything you need and can be a great match contrary to the type of game which you would wish to hunt.

Yet everyone is completely different. Preferably, our list provides you a concept of exactly what you have to be performing and also what you must be searching for. Take some time to study and ask questions about the type of game which you are hunting. While having a great defect hit will be better always, there may be more which you need to take into account about the game. No matter what you hunt, a great broadhead is going to offer you a bonus. Thanks for reading this review article. If you enjoyed this post then feel free to share with your friends. Also, leave your comments below and let’s start a conversation.

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