5 Best Camping Sites in San Diego To Visit


There is always something worthwhile and exclusive about camping in the suburbs of San Diego. Camping sites in San Diego give visitors the best sight of the city lights. They serve as great places for enjoying a relaxed weekend of fishing, kayaking, trekking and other enjoyable activities.
The best San Diego campsites are the ones with the best coastal sound, smells, and sights. Most of them are state-owned. There are even private campsites offering the best amenities and facilities to the campers.

Best Camping Sites In San Diego

The most popular camping sites in San Diego have been detailed below:

Lake Jennings

This campsite is located in the East County of San Diego and is a recreation gem. There are different campgrounds at this campsite offering incredible views of the lake. Therefore, you need to make sure to get permission to drive around the campground for seeing the best campsites.

Silver Strand State Beach

This campground in San Diego is located around four and a half miles south of Coronado. It is a seven-mile-long tombolo connecting the Imperial Beach and the Coronado Island. The park has its setting along a tow and a half miles ocean beach. There are tunnels connecting the beach to the bay area where only bike and foot traffic are allowed.

San Elijo State Beach

This a very beautiful campground located around 40 miles north of San Diego. The campground offers splendid views of the beach from providing sufficient breathing room and adequate vegetation. At this campground, you can easily find a tableau of stately bluffs, palm trees and the gleaming sea and the sun.

Campland On The Bay

This campground is located on Mission Bay. It has served as a mesmerizing destination for enjoying a vacation for a very long time. Close proximity to the sea and the balmy climate make this one of the best campgrounds in San Diego.

San Diego Metro KOA

located just minutes away from Downtown San Diego, this campground provides a full-service camping resort and RV with many accommodations. The deluxe cabins at this campground feature a kitchen and even a private bath for the visitors to make the best out of their camping vacation


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